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Archive for February 2012

Olympic Arms UMAR 22-250

The Olympic Ultimate Magnum AR or UMAR is all rifle; from the 24 inch stainless steel barrel to its A2 style buttstock; in between is pure unadulterated shooting pleasure. Read more

Up Close with the Merkava 4 Main Battle Tank

Israel faces an unusual set of circumstances when it comes to national defense. Though it spent the first 25 years of its existence surrounded by enemies, it does have a significant strategic advantage that’s not always obvious: Thanks to its small size, it has short internal lines of communication and can shift forces quickly and easily from one border region to another. Read more

AC-130 Gunships for the USMC

If you’ve done any appreciable amount of reading about the Vietnam War, you know that one of the grunt’s best friends in the air was the AC-130 Specter gunship, affectionately known in those days as “Puff the Magic Dragon.” Both the AC-130H and third-generation AC-130U Spooky pack a lethal combination of L60 40mm Bofors and M102 105mm cannons—yes, that’s 105mm, as in the light artillery piece. The AC-130U also boasts a GAU-12 25mm rotary cannon. Read more

SAFE Boats International to the Rescue!

If you're in the maritime security industry, you understand the need for bad ass assault craft that comes loaded with functionality, capability, speed and firepower! Discover where the Navy and Coast Guard go when they're shopping for the best in patrol and rescue water craft. Read more

Canadian International Auto Show

The Canadian International Auto Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre is expected to draw more than 300,000 visitors during the 10 day show, which features more than 125 exhibitors and about 1,000 cars and trucks. Read more

Caracal Pistols from United Arab Emirates

If you were at SHOT Show 2012, you probably stopped by the Caracal booth. You know the one, tall signs everywhere with beautiful girls dressed in Caracal attire showing off a stage full of the Caracal pistols. By far, one of the best looking booths at SHOT Show. Read more
Lamborghini Gallardo Policia de Panamá

Lamborghini Gallardo for Policía Nacional de Panamá

Italians have the world famous blue Lamborghini LP560-4 Polizia Stradale and in Qatar you have the similar Police Gallardo. Well, in Panama we have the now famous white Lamborghini Gallardo... Read more

Top Shot Season 4 on History Channel

Guns and Tactics is excited for the new season of Top Shot to start on Tuesday February 14th at 10/9 C. This seasons line up appears to be a solid lineup of contestants. Check it out with us to see how the season will unfold! Read more
PDX1 Defender, Winchester Ammunition

PDX1 Defender from Winchester Ammunition

The PDX1® Defender™ line from Winchester Ammunition is the industry's most complete and innovative line of ammunition for personal defense. PDX1 Defender handgun ammunition, which utilizes the same bullets as Winchester’s law enforcement ammunition in service with the FBI, has become the ammunition of choice for many law enforcement agencies. Read more
Zistos Portable Video Systems

Tactical Video Systems from Zistos Corporation

We saw some fantastic technology at SHOT Show this year, and one of our favorites was Zistos Corporation. The folks at Zistos make a lot of super cool stuff that pretty much any SWAT team would want. Read more

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