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Archive for November 2012

Pink Holsters and Magazine Pouches from Packing in Pink and Blade-Tech Industries

Packing in Pink Partners with Blade-Tech Industries to Offer U.S. Made Pink Holsters and Gear Read more

UFC on FOX - Henderson vs. Diaz

Quadruple Header Highlighted by Henderson/Diaz Title Match, Shogun Rua/Alexander “The Mauler” Gustafsson Clash in Best Fight Card on Network TV Read more

FN FNS-9 is 2012 On Target Editors’ Choice Award Winner

FNH USA is awarded the 2012 On Target Editors’ Choice Award for the new FN FNS-9 striker-fired pistol. Read more

New Product: Under Door Camera Pro from Tactical Electronics

Tactical Electronics Reveals New Under Door Camera with 2 Cameras Read more

3 Misconceptions That can Keep You From Shooting 3-Gun

A rifle, pistol and shotgun is all you need. Let’s look at one gun at a time... Read more

Chasing the Truth About Supressors and Accuracy

The next time you’re out and/or sitting around drinking with your buddies and feel the need to stir up some controversy, throw out this question: Will adding a suppressor to your weapon affect its accuracy? Read more

Extrema Ratio Shrapnel OG – Short, Sharp and Simple

In this Guns & Tactics review, we introduce you to a design that belongs to one of the youngest knife making branches – the “backup knife”. Read more

BATFE Approves Arsenal Firearms AF2011-A1 Second Century Double Barrel Pistol

Arsenal Firearms Group proudly announces the official distribution to America of the whole line of double barrel firearms and dedicated accessories. Read more

Silynx Releases U94 Wireless PTT

Silynx’s SOF Micro U94 is the world’s first U94 chest PTT with an associated weapon mounted Micro Wireless Push-to-Talk (WPTT). Read more

New CaseCruzer Universal 5 Pack Handgun Case Gives Preppers a Quick Draw at the Shooting Range

“Can’t crack” portable case ideal for bug-out orders and shooting range excursions Read more

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