About 4 months ago I got an email from ESS Eyepro that they wanted Shelley and I to be a team and shoot explosive targets at this event called Boomershoot. ESS is looking to expand to the civilian market and they want to use us as a test for a promotional video. How could we say no? Boomershoot has been going on for over 10 years on a large farm in Orofino, Idaho. They have perfected over the years the perfect mixture for explosive targets. There were about 1200 of these little white boxes scattered from 400 yards to 700 yards up the hill. The targets measured anywhere from 3” – 6”. The magic load to get the boxes to detonate is at least a .308. .223 won’t cut it. Though, we were able to use .223 in the close range High Intensity events.

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Let me start that Shelley and I drove the 6 hour trip in my new Toxic Orange Challenger SRT8. Yep, I drive and love my muscle car. My license plate says RIFLGAL on it. Loaded full with 3 rifles and several handguns we (I) got pulled over for speeding. At the same time Shelley happened to just get a phone call from her new employer offering her a job. How do you cut that phone call off? The Trooper saw my CPL with license and still never asked us about firearms. Whew! Nothing wrong with having them but it could have been a more dramatic event. We arrived in the afternoon to be thrown right out on the close range field to find hundreds of little white boxes about 25 yards away. This was the High Intensity shoot. I had my new JP Rifle and got to shoot it for the first time here. (Shoots like s dream by the way!) When the buzzer went off 30 people blasted away and bombs were going off left and right. They were good explosives. You felt the boom through your body. What a rush. We got to do this the next night as well. Saturday was a well needed coaching clinic to get prepared for the big event on Sunday.

It happened that a fellow high power competitor Gene Econ was one of the coaches. This guy trains Special Forces and Army Rangers. Bad ass but really is a sweet heart. Don’t tell him or the Forces I said that. I wanted to figure out the hill side landmarks to get elevation zeros. But also Shelley is new to the precision rifle discipline and especially to the art of spotting for your partner. With in no time she picked it up. Using my new Leupold scope was a first for me as well. I am an iron sight gal. What is this piece of glass in my way? I loved it. Shelley and I made a great team. The day of the big event we knew that somewhere on the hill side amongst all of the white boxes would be a stuffed pink bunny full to the belly with explosives. Our group found the pink ears sticking above a mound about 600 yards up the hill. We realized as we overheard others down the line that everyone was after this rabbit. We had to get it. And we did. With Shelley as my spotter, she walked me in to it about the 3rd or 4th round. We shot him in the head and all of his fluffy brains flew out the back of his head. Our ESS and camera crew were all watching it. We all exploded with laughter but the bunny did not explode. We just knocked him over and he disappeared behind the mound never to be found again. But we got him first. We did end up shooting quite a few targets. It is a great feeling to work together to get those targets to explode. Of course the highlight of the event is the opening ceremony where they blow up the biggest fireball I have ever seen. It actually made you step back and check the hairs on your head. At lunch they blew an anvil 100 feet up in the air and fired bowling balls out of a canon 400 yards. How can you not love this stuff? I am hoping our film crew edits the video of us soon so I can show off this stuff. Boomershoot would not happen if it were not for the people who volunteer.

Boomershoot started in 1998 by Joe Huffman and his kids. The event sells out every year. I can’t tell you how professionally and safely it was run. The volunteers have been working for weeks mixing the explosives and making the targets. The participants come from all over the country and all occupations. Even without the camera crews I plan on going back again next year. Registration for 2013 should be on their web site www.boomershoot.org in another month. It sells out quickly gang so get on it. You will not regret it.