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Aaron CostonStaff Contributor

Aaron Coston is a guy who loves guns. It doesn’t matter what kind, shape, or size. If they can make a bang, he’s there. Following this love, he’s been blessed with the opportunity to work with some of the top names in outdoor television and winning several awards for video editing along the way. His latest projects include the Sportsman Channel hit Top Outdoor Producer, writing a book on the marketing techniques of the anti-gun movement, and the idea that firearm photography could be more than gun photos…maybe even art. But, at his core, he’s just a guy who loves guns.

Performing the Ladder Test

In this fourth installment of “Loading for the Semi-Precision Rifle,” Aaron takes us through the steps of performing a Ladder Test. Read more

Loading for the Semi-Precision Rifle

We take a look at some of the popular ways to prime your brass and add the powder charge for our ladder test. The right answer here will bring us one step closer to the perfect round for our gun. Read more

The Equipment to Load

We continue on with a relatively in depth view of creating a custom load that matches your own gun, and enjoying the stress killing activity that is hand loading. Read more

Cooking up some loads for the Semi-Precision rifle shooter

Reloading is a lot like cooking. You find a recipe, try it, and either throw it out, or tweak it to your liking. When building up your first custom built piece of ammo, its the same thing. Read more

Unbelievable Shots

If it weren’t for nine witnesses with authentic reactions and several running video cameras, this shot could fall near the top of the “unbelievable” list. Read more

Mega Arms with Aaron Coston

Mega Arms upper and lower, Magpul hardware, Troy Industries rail, PWS comp, Vortex optics and Geissele trigger. Read more

Starting Them Early

A bed inspired by the works of legendary gun designer, John Moses Browning. Read more

Stay on Target

Units like the PWS FSC556 can literally make your AR feel like a .22LR… even an ultra light carbine. Read more

Not Yet Begun to Fight

A new documentary is making the rounds at film festivals and public screenings across the country. Producers travel to Montana with a five young veterans. Read more

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