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Guns & Tactics Magazine is a website destination featuring photos, videos and articles about all things guns and tactics. We’re an online magazine experience for the gun culture. Veteran Operated and Second Amendment Supporters.

Editorial Staff

Jerry House

Jerry has been a criminal justice professional for nearly two decades. He is a US Navy Veteran, self-proclaimed Second Amendment scholar, gun rights advocate, and NRA Life Member.

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Eric Foxtrot

Eric is a police officer for a large department. He is a NRA member, a firearms enthusiast and an all-around gear nerd. He writes firearms & gear reviews for the end user.

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Featured Contributors

Steve Coulston

A former US Navy Special Warfare Combat Crewman (SWCC), Steve has been a firearms enthusiast for over 30 years and is currently an NRA Life Member.

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Chris Tran

Chris is a police officer for a large municipality in the Pacific Northwest. He writes equipment reviews aimed towards the everyday user with a focus on functionality, durability, and cost effectiveness.

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Judah Torres

Judah is a firearms instructor, competitive shooter, personal trainer, and outdoor enthusiast. He writes gear reviews covering tactics and mindset for the shooter looking to be ready for anything.

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Dave Timm

Dave is a police officer serving his community on night patrol and serves as as his agency’s lead firearms and use of force instructor. He also owns and operates a firearms training company in Minnesota offering realistic practical training sollutions.

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Jacqueline Carrizosa

Jacqueline is a US Navy Veteran Gunners Mate and Rescue Swimmer who spends much of her time Motocross Racing, Fitness Training and working as a Firearms Instructor.
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Maureen Ketner

Maureen is an entrepreneur with a technical background in Chemical Engineering. She owns Iron Reign Custom Weaponry with her husband who is active US Army. She is a shooting enthusiast with interests in self-defense, fitness and the firearms culture.

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Rex Mamaril

Rex currently serves in the US Army as an Armorer and Advanced Marksmanship Instructor. Outside of the military he is an RN with a passion for firearms and gear.

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Guest Contributors

Joshua Haarbrink

Joshua Haarbrink is a business development consultant with a tactical background and a persistent calling for adventure. He is a shooting enthusiast and a NSSF Media Member with interests in defense, geopolitics and firearms culture.

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Guns & Tactics Alumni

Jae Gillentine, Founder

In 2011, Jae created Guns & Tactics Magazine as a place for the community to share in his passion for firearms, photography and all things tactical. In 2017, that vision continues forward under new guidance and leadership.