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About Guns & TacticsMeet the team

Guns & Tactics Magazine is a website destination featuring photos, videos and articles about all things guns and tactics. We’re an online magazine experience for the gun culture. Veteran Owned and Second Amendment Supporters.

Editorial Staff

Jerry House

Jerry is a former peace officer and US Navy Submarine Veteran. He is a self-proclaimed Second Amendment scholar, gun rights advocate, and NRA Life Member.
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Eli Kim

Eli is a firearms instructor and an avid shooter. As a NRA certified instructor for NRA Basic Pistol and Basic Personal Protection in the Home, he shares his passion and knowledge for firearms.
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Featured Contributors

Steve Coulston

A former US Navy Special Warfare Combat Crewman (SWCC), Steve has been a firearms enthusiast for over 20 years and is currently an NRA Life Member.
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Chris Tran

Chris Tran is a police officer for a large municipality in the Pacific Northwest. He writes equipment reviews aimed towards the everyday user with a focus on functionality, durability, and cost effectiveness.
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Jody Lewis

Jody is a NRA certified Basic Firearm Instructor, a certified Range Officer, a Glock and S&W M&P Armorer and a 3-gun competitor. He’s also an NRA Life Member.
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Joshua Haarbrink

Based in Latin America, Joshua has more than 10 years of experience in corporate loss prevention, specialized security and bail enforcement.
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Judah Torres

Judah is a firearms instructor and competitive shooter. In addition to writing gear reviews, he covers tactics and mindset for the shooter looking to be ready for anything. When he isn’t shooting, he is a certified personal trainer and an avid outdoors enthusiast.
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Eric Foxtrot

Eric is a police officer for a large department. He is a NRA member, a firearms enthusiast and an all-around gear nerd. He writes firearms & gear reviews for the end user.
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Guest Contributors

Doug Marcoux

In our "Tactical Parent" series, Doug shares his perspective on gear, tricks and tips, defensive tactics, and best practices for parents who take an active role in protecting their family.
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Aaron Coston

Aaron Coston is a guy who loves guns. It doesn’t matter what kind, shape, or size. If they can make a bang, he’s there. He is also an award winning video editor and photographer.
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David Victor

David is an avid shooter with a background in both defensive handgun and carbine training. He has spent the last 7-years building, shooting and training with the AR platform.
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Kristóf Nagy

Kristof is a firearms instructor and security consultant based in Hamburg, Germany. He is also the head of the University of the German Federal Armed Forces firearms training program.
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Jacqueline Carrizosa

Jacqueline Carrizosa is a US Navy Veteran Gunners Mate and Rescue Swimmer who spends much of her time Motocross Racing, Fitness Training and at Machine Guns Vegas where she is a Firearms Instructor.
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John Holschen

Learn about a skill or technique that could make the difference in a life-threatening situation or attack! Click here to watch the latest episodes of Tactical Moment starring John Holschen.


Mateusz Kanigowski

Based in Poland, Mateusz is an active outdoor enthusiast, a firearms and shooting instructor, and founder of Designed To Fight.
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Mike Haytack

Tune in for videos and blog posts presenting the latest products for battlefield and outdoor applications.
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Mike Hughes

Mike is the inventor of the SIRT training pistol, is CEO of Next Level Training, and is a former Top Shot competitor. He’s also a frequent anchor for event coverage.
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Troy Mayhew

Troy Mayhew is the founder of Lens Fire Photography in Ontario, Canada. He specializes in action sports and product photography for the firearms and tactical products industry.
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Wes Doss

Wes Doss is an internationally recognized firearms, tactics and use-of-force instructor who primarily works with military and law enforcement personnel.
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Guns & Tactics Alumni

Jae Gillentine, Founder

In 2011, Jae created Guns & Tactics Magazine as a place for the community to share in his passion for firearms, photography and all things tactical. In 2015, that vision continues forward under the guidance and leadership of Defense Marketing Group, Inc.

Media Partners

Drone Creatives

Drone Creatives Drone Creatives is a multi-media company specializing in aerial photography and video. We use remote-controlled quad-copters with high-definition cameras to get stunning unique perspectives.