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June 11, 2013 Posted by Editor in blog

Allegiance Ammunition Offers Projectiles for Re-loading

Allegiance Ammunition has released their new PowerStrike ammunition components

Clintwood, VA – Allegiance Ammunition is proud to announce its release of PowerStrike lead-free frangible ammunition components, available to the public.

For the first time in company history, Allegiance will be packaging together 50 rounds of 9mm- 90 grain or 5.56/.223- 52 grain projectiles, in vacuum-sealed packaging. This opens up the opportunity for “load-your-own” or re-loaders to gain access to Allegiance Ammunition projectile technology and combine it with their individual loading preferences.

“PowerStrike (HET) is designed to penetrate light barriers such as glass, wood, heavy clothing, and bone. When it hits softer, fluid filled tissue, it will break into lethal minute particles creating a wider wound cavity, resulting in severe shock trauma to the central nervous system of the soft target,” says Jeff Mullins, Allegiance Ammunition CEO “These bullets are ideal for self-defense, LE and hunters because of the performance enhancements with powder metal technology.”

To purchase these Allegiance Ammunition components visit:

To learn more about Allegiance Ammunition visit or for media and test/evaluation contact Hannah Danner with Blue August at hannah (at)

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