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[/dcs_img_center] [dcs_post_top] [dcs_fancy_header size=”14″ color=”#000000″ fweight=”bold”]In this latest tactical gear review, we take the Arc’teryx LEAF Knee Caps for a test drive in the perfect research and development weather of the Pacific Northwest.[/dcs_fancy_header] [dcs_emptyspace h=”10″]

Most days I wake up with a “can-do” spirit ready to take on the world and leave my mark. And, in doing so I’ve decided I’m going to wear these Arc’teryx knee caps so I don’t f@#$ up my knees along the way! With a go-bag loaded full of gear, my trusty “Raptor Man” and I headed out to Puyallup, Washington today to take care of business. It’s about 58 degrees with a light drizzle.

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Arc’teryx Knee Caps

Technical Specifications
  • Lightweight
  • Low profile
  • Durable
  • Low-profile camlocks for quick adjustability
  • Two robust elastic straps
  • Anatomical shaping for fit and comfort
  • Articulated patterning for unrestricted mobility
  • EV®50 foam
  • Kydex®
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Of course, just like any other rainy day in Washington, it was the perfect opportunity to deploy my Arc’teryx Theta AR jacket. The Gore-Tex™ 3L Pro Shell fabric of the Theta AR makes it completely waterproof and windproof without sacrifice of breathability. This is by far the most durable, comfortable, lightweight, go-anywhere and do-anything jacket I’ve had the opportunity to wear. The Theta AR is also the longest length jacket from Arc’teryx and offers the most coverage. With its Helmet-compatible Drop Hood™ and tall collar, the Theta AR provides quick access for protecting your bucket of brainpower.

"I often get comments from admirers about the jacket, almost like joining a BMW club or something."

As you might have already guessed, the same quality and craftsmanship that you enjoy in one or any of the fine Arc’teryx jackets or apparel can also be found in their LEAF line or products. The Arc’teryx LEAF line is a division of product development and manufacturing dedicated to Law Enforcement and Armed Forces. Trust us, this is product that any operator or soldier will fall in love with. Scientifically engineered for performance and built for speed.

The Arc’teryx LEAF Military Knee Caps are today’s treat. Available in black, coyote, and crocodile, these surprisingly soft Kydex® hardshell knee pads are state-of-the-art gear, directly integrating with the Arc’teryx LEAF line of tactical combat pants like the Talos, Sphinx, and Gryphon tactical pants. Anatomically designed to keep your dirty knees safe from harm, they’re lightweight and extremely durable. The T-lock quick-release tri-glide buckle in matte finish helps to reduce light reflection, and the adjustable straps are both comfortable and sturdy. I was actually very impressed with the performance of the straps and buckle, finding them to be very quiet, too.

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With the Arc’teryx LEAF Military Knee Caps strapped over my tactical pants, I found my knees fit very comfortably into the pocket shape of the knee pad. The smooth shape of the Kydex hardshell plastic and slightly squishy padding behind it gave me immediate comfort when kneeling. I kept recalling the scene in Act of Valor when during a gunfight the operator slides on his knees into a kneeling shooting position before taking out more bad guys after a speed reload. These are that kind of product. Reliable, durable, and capable of extreme exposure. The knee pads are functionally lightweight and can be comfortably worn all day or all night without sacrifice to performance.

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Kneeling in the Arc’teryx LEAF Military Knee Caps felt solid. The knee pads provided not only padding, but also gave me more stability and balance. This is super important when you’re positioning your body as a shooting platform while under intense stress and/or adrenaline. Kneeling on wet pavement and on solid surfaces, the knee pads were just soft enough that they produced the right amount of grip but didn’t let me go sliding out of position or posture. Kneeling on jagged rocks, small boulders, concrete barriers, in the woods and on forest grounds, the Arc’teryx LEAF Military Knee Caps proved to simply “suck it up” so I wouldn’t have to.

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Arc’teryx LEAF Military Knee Caps make it easy to drop into the prone position. Once on the ground, they’re pleasant to reside in as you dial in the scope or just take a battle nap until the bombing stops. They’re easy to crawl in and the straps do a good job of keeping them in position. I especially like the bit of shin protection just below the knee cap as well; again, it’s just enough comfort and design to perfectly compliment the protection this gear provides.

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No matter if you are a soldier, police officer, hunter, shooter or just about anyone else who may need to operate from ground positions, you’re absolutely sure to find satisfaction in these Arc’teryx LEAF Military Knee Caps.

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As part of this exercise, I also wore a fresh pair of Danner 3″ Canteen Melee duty boots. This is Danner’s lightest and most flexible tactical boot, featuring a unique outsole design. Stay tuned for more posts about Danner boots in the near future!

Featured Rifle

A bit of information about the rifle that appears in these photos. This is a Seekins stripped lower receiver equipped with a Rock River Arms lower parts kit & Two stage Trigger, a Spikes Tactical Buffer Tube Kit, VLTOR IMOD Standard Stock, B.A.D selector switch, a Rainier Arms Raptor Ambidextrous Charging Handle, and finally a Rainier Arms UltraMatch Upper 5.56 – 16.

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