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Artists Colorize Military Photos

Old photos brought to life by artists and hobbyists to honor military veterans.


The Normandy beaches hint at what the sea-salt air would have tasted like. Trench boots, caked with mud, show just how far troops trekked to seek shelter from enemy fire. But nothing beats the smiles of battle-weary soldiers flashing their pearly whites after emerging alive and victorious from some of the most gut-wrenching battles in history.

For Paul Reynolds, an artist who has colorized more than 200 black-and-white war photographs in a year, the two-hour-long process for each image is worth it.

"I really enjoy bringing the old photos back to life, and it brings me great satisfaction to see so many people — young and old — taking an interest in our history through my colourisations," Reynolds, who hails from the United Kingdom, recently told Military Times in an email. "The [photos] come to me from all over the world."

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