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Author: Jacqueline Carrizosa

Jacqueline Carrizosa has her own firearms instructor business and also competes in 3-gun and USPSA. She is a Navy OEF Gunners Mate and Rescue Swimmer Veteran who spent nearly her entire active-duty time deployed. She has two offroad dirtbike championships, a degree in medical science, and is a competitor in the fitness industry. Jacqueline reviews gear she actually has experience with.

Two ways to prepare if you get shot…

Medical kits are so important. They are more important and undervalued compared to the extra box of ammunition you splurge on once a month. Imagine being able to actually help and save your friend when they are bleeding out… Read more

Tyrant Designs Halo MiniVert

Jacqueline Carrizosa gives her impressions of Tyrant Designs HALO MiniVert fore grip, the most advanced, ergonomical, lightweight, aggressively-styled AR-15 Vertical Grip Series to date. Read more

An American Woman’s Perspective on Silencers in the USA

Jacqueline Carrizosa gives her perspective on The Hearing Protection Act of 2017 and it's impact on suppressor sales and safety. Read more

Stingerworx Suppressors: Cutting Edge with Titanium Baffles

Stingerworx has a new cutting edge design with titanium muzzle brakes and modular suppressors. We took this modular design for a test run and placed them through some abuse both through full auto and precision distance shooting. Read more

My First Midnight 3-Gun Match

Jacqueline Carrizosa shares experiences from her first 3-gun match, ever. Welcome to the the Crimson Trace Midnight 3-Gun Invitational in Bend, Oregon. Read more
June 13, 2014 Posted by brojac in blog

Tactical Firearms and Combat Pistol Instructor Course

Jacqueline Carrizosa recaps the Tactical Firearms Instructor Certificate & Combative Pistol Instructor Certification Course with Progressive Force Concepts (P.F.C.) Read more

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