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Author: Rex Mamaril

Rex Mamaril currently serves in the US Army as an Armorer and Advanced Marksmanship Instructor. Outside of the military he is an RN with a passion for firearms and gear.

Rise of the Carry Comp

So with all the benefits of having a compensator on your pistol, it is hard to argue why one with sound fundamentals and experience would not carry with one. If competitive shooters are using them to be faster, and operators are using it to be more lethal, then why shouldn’t we use it to better protect ourselves? Read more

Nexbelt EDC Belt Review

The Nexbelt line of belts are a simple, sturdy and affordable way to carry every day. Its micro adjustments provide for the perfect fit whether it is carrying a roland special, a Glock 42, or just to hold your pants up. Read more

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