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Photo Credit: Steve Coulston


B.A.D. AR15 Innovations


hen George Huang calls, I drop what I’m doing and pick up the phone. George is the President of Battle Arms Development and an all-around great guy. Prior to entering the firearms industry in 2009, George cut his teeth in the lighting design world. His career in lighting and thematic design has impacted Universal Studios, Disney theme parks, LEGOLAND and numerous casinos. He has brought that experience to the firearms industry. If any of you visited the Battle Arms booth at SHOT Show 2015, you would know what I am talking about. The B.A.D. booth was one of the highlights of the show thanks to its mad scientist and Star Wars themed ultra-light weight rifles and innovative firearms components.

George is always full of surprises so when he called me late October, I didn’t know what to expect. He was brimming with excitement and proceeded to talk non-stop for 30 minutes about all the new product innovation happening at Battle Arms. I don’t mean he talked for a half an hour about a couple of products, I mean he listed off so many new products my head was spinning.

Photo Credit: Steve Coulston

I have been buying Battle Arms Safeties for as long as they have been available and recently started using their Enhanced Pins. Battle Arms Development really upped their game for SHOT Show 2015 with their light-weight receiver sets and a few other accessories. But in the 10 months after SHOT, the amount of innovation taking place was staggering. We are not talking about conceptual ideas. We are talking about production ready products that at the time of this writing are now available on their website for purchase.

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