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Before we begin, click here to watch the Tactical Parkour: Laser Hawk Flip Throw video from Jeremy Tremp.

Tell us about yourself… who is Jeremy Tremp and what is your background?

My name is Jeremy Tremp. I am a film maker, Freerunner, and all-around outdoors enthusiast. I have been producing all types of films for about 6 years. I started shooting feature films and then slowly started producing my own projects. Currently the bulk of my business is in extreme sports and music videos. The goal this year has been to break into the tactical market—hence the SOG video!

How did you conceive the idea of this video and why did you do it?

My long-time friend and social media genius, Derek Krogh, was talking to me about producing a video in which I throw tomahawks and do flips. I said, “Great, let’s do it!” The next thing I know, he has nine companies involved. We got them all to send us the gear that we wanted to feature in the video. From there, I put together the concept in my head. This was an interesting project as I am usually behind the camera. I contacted a few local guys who have done great work and explained my vision to them, and they were pretty stoked! It took us two days to shoot because by noon on the first day, it was 106 degrees out, and I was in full gear—not a great combo. Our hope for this video is to launch more videos with a similar concept: bad-ass gear used in crazy scenarios!

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So, you can really run the course like that and throw Tomahawks with expert aim at the same time?

Haha… this is the question on everyone’s mind! To be quite honest, some of the moves are fairly complex while wearing the gear, and I have an extremely sharp tomahawk in my hand. My number one concern was safety, and my second was to make the moves look great. To answer the question, though, yes, I could have just run the whole course and made the sticks… but would the video have looked as cool? Most certainly not. My goal was to make it very cinematic and entertaining—more like a film than a training exercise. I have a few sticks on camera by accident, which will be in the behind the scenes video.

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While you do not shoot guns in your video, is that something you like to do? What are your favorites?

I love to shoot guns! I grew up shooting and learning gun safety. It was a huge pleasure working with Heckler & Koch on this project (and upcoming projects)! The craftsmanship of their guns is really quite impressive. I have to say, though, I am a sucker for a 1911… That is the first handgun that captivated me. As far as rifles go, I am still researching to see what would be the best fit. Who knows, maybe HK will hook me up with an MR556A1!

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You wear some bad-ass gear in the video, how did that gear perform for you and did you have to modify it at all for your video performance?

The gear was exceptional! Truth be told, I was wary about how everything would hold up with all that movement—especially the flip. The hardest thing was figuring out how to fit all those hawks on my person without encumbering my movement. The clothing from Arc’teryx LEAF was very comfortable, breathed super well, and was made of very strong material (not to mention it looks great)! T3 Tactical makes amazing plate carries, and I was stoked about the Spear chest rig. It was lightweight with lots of room for additions. Suunto makes exceptional watches, so it was great to have them on board. I actually haven’t taken this watch off since it came out of the package. The boots from Salomon worked out perfectly. I wanted a tactical look but also needed the performance of a running shoe since I was going to be doing a lot of technical movement. Smith Optics Elite makes well-styled, functional sunglasses. I was very relieved to have them on while I was doing these tricks. The glasses are very impact resistant, so I knew my eyes would be safe from flying tomahawks (haha). Even though I didn’t squeeze off a few rounds from the HK45, it was awesome having the gun at my side in case the zombie apocalypse happened while we were filming! The gloves from Mechanix Wear worked absolutely perfectly for this project because they protected my hands and gave me a great grip on the hawks. The Crimson Trace laser was pretty awesome attached to the hawk, although this was for fun and entertainment purposes only, of course. I was a tad worried about the laser staying on the modified hawk, but it held strong! Last but not least, SOG was amazing to work with. Their gear is extremely strong and beautiful. If anyone wants an awesome hawk without breaking the bank, their tactical tomahawk is the way to go!

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Of course, everyone wants to know about the laser on the Tomahawk. Please tell us the story about that.

It started off as just a crazy idea. I didn’t even know how we would actually do it, but the guys at SOG modified the hawk and mounted the laser upside down. The whole idea is tongue in cheek. We just wanted to make something wild that could show off great products in a very entertaining way. Obviously a laser on a hawk is not going to make you more accurate; it’ll maybe just make you look a little more bad-ass…

Learn more about Jeremy at www.jeremytremp.com. Find him on Facebook at www.facebook.com/jtremp and follow him on Twitter at www.twitter.com/jeremytremp.

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Thanks so much for talking with us Jeremy. We enjoy your videos and look forward to the next wildly entertaining video you produce. Good luck you, sir!

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  1. Great video, thanks for sharing your comments regarding the gear and showing us what you can accomplish with it in action. Very impressive. BTW I found out about your site from Facebook. Great stuff keep it coming!

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