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Camouflage your weapons and equipment with EC Paint

NFM debuts EC Paint® demonstration video at Eurosatory 2014 in Paris, France.

This year at the Eurosatory exhibition held in Paris, NFM Group from Norway has released their new promo video demonstration of EC Paint® - a day and night signature management solution. EC Paint® is a weapon and equipment paint that fits both daylight and IR needs.

The origin and reasons of developing the EC Paint® were requirements from European military units for a removable, easy applicable paint in the visual and NIR spectrum for weapons and other equipment. The EC Paint® is produced according to the European regulations for environment protection.

Here are some product facts:

EC Paint has been selected by the British Army to respray all weapons systems for issue in Afghanistan.

For more information about SC Paint® visit,c.html.

The EC Paint® video was produced by Designed to Fight.

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