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Can Can Concealment was created and launched in 2013 by Darlene Cahill. Darlene got frustrated looking for a holster after completing the Front Sight Four-Day Home Defense Course in the Nevada desert just outside Las Vegas. "I wanted something that was not just utilitarian, but comfortable and pretty", says Cahill. "Women are tired of hard plastic, all-black, ‘Tacti-Cool’, concealed carry gear that’s not just cumbersome, but downright painful to wear. Most holsters are uncomfortable, un-friendly to a woman’s curves, give me bruises and just plain ugly! Many of the holsters that are ‘made for women’ are simply men’s holsters prettied-up in pink!"

Darlene has been sewing professionally since the age of 13, is an award winning costume designer, an author, sewing educator and seen regularly on national television. Trained in European tailoring and couture, Darlene has combined her love of shooting and sewing to produce a remarkably comfortable, stylish and secure line of holsters for women everywhere. According to Darlene, Can Can’s mission statement is simple – to help women protect themselves and the ones they love by providing a secure, comfortable, stylish holstering system that they’ll want to wear every day. Darlene emphasizes, "We believe what’s most important in our holster…is the woman who’s wearing it."

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The Holsters

The HipHugger™ features a noticeable lack of scratchy "hook’ n loop" type fastener and instead utilizes a three-row, high-quality lingerie Hook & Eye closure for the perfect-"no-snag"-fit, military grade elastic that conforms to a woman’s body, magnetic weapon retention for extra security, hypo-allergenic Non-Slip Tacti-Grip™ keeps the holster in place and Patent-Pending Re-Holstering Tabs for safe, heads-up re-holstering.

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The Can Can Corset is super comfortable and is a very alluring version of the military’s LBV (Load Bearing Vest). A full-size 1911 can fit in it with the weight distributed evenly over the torso. This gives the impression of carrying nothing at all and the snug fit gives a surprising sense of security.

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The Can Can Garter offers the women who prefer dresses and skirts the choice of left or right, inner or outer thigh carry. An optional Garter Belt with Garter Straps turns it into the sexiest drop-leg holster ever made.

(FYI, Darlene has sold custom versions to several guys who wear kilts!)

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The SportBelt™ came about because of numerous requests from women runners who loved the HipHugger™, but wanted something more convenient for their workout. So, Darlene designed a more androgynous look with a fully lined & bound Velcro® style fastener. "The response was very exciting…not only did women love it but now men are asking us for the SportBelt™ too!", said Darlene.

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Each of the Can Can Concealment holster styles come in three versions:


  • The Micro, for pocket pistols and mouse guns such as the Beretta Nano BU9 or the Ruger LCP.
  • The Classic, for compact/sub-compact pistols such as the Taurus PT111 G2 or Walther PK380.
  • The Big Shebang®, for full size/compact service pistols such as the 1911 or SIG Sauer P229.


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Can Can products are not a ‘one-size-fits-all‘ operation… they have a wide range of standard sizes. Not to mention, special ‘tweener’ options such as the ‘Smedium’ (small/medium) and the ‘Marge’ (medium/large). Size Extenders, in matching styles and colors, are also available to adjust for weight fluctuations (i.e., pregnancy, holiday meals!) without having to purchase a new holster. Custom options and sizes are also available for a nominal fee.

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All Can Can Concealment holsters are equipped with multiple pockets to give the user maximum holstering option and all their designs accommodate from two to four firearms, with additional pockets for spare mags, knives, pepper spray, cell phone or a lipstick! That means you don’t have to buy extra mag pouches to go with your new holster… they’re built-in! And not only are the holsters Hand-Made in the USA, Can Can has spent countless hours sourcing American-Made materials. "Our customers are patriots…it’s what they want!", says Darlene.

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At Can Can Concealment, their mission statement is simple…help women to protect themselves and the ones they love by providing a simple, safe, secure, and stylish holstering system that they’ll want to use every day. If it’s complicated, uncomfortable, or unattractive you won’t wear it, so they created the lingerie for the Ninja in you!

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