11 Times The Second Amendment Was Attacked And Prevailed

With this infographic from our friends at Minute Man Review we take a look at 11 times the Second Amendment was attacked and the pro 2A community prevailed.

Tactical Tuesday: Rainier Arms

Welcome to another Tactical Tuesday! Once again, it's the very special day of the week when Guns & Tactics dedicates a blog post to one of our many favorite firearm builds.
Box of Magpul PMAGs

California Buyer’s Guide For Standard-Capacity Magazines

California: Check out this quick-start guide for where to buy your standard-capacity magazines!

Tactical Tuesday: Grey Ghost Precision

Welcome to Tactical Tuesday! That very special day of the week when Guns & Tactics dedicates a blog post to one of...

Best April Fools of 2019

We searched the interwebs for the best April Fool's humor we could find. Check out this post for some of our favorites!
BLK LBL Bipod Handguard

5 Types of AR-15 Handguards

One of the most appealing things about the AR platform is that it is infinitely customizable. Think of it as a LEGO...

Best 5 Adjustable Gas Blocks

Building an AR platform rifle appears to be easy at first look. It is essentially a tinker toy for adults.
Semi-Auto Grip

5 Tips To Improve Your Pistol Shooting

I recently heard about a class offered in Michigan called “You Suck, It’s Not the Gun.” While the class name may not be the most PC, it makes a valid point.
Safariland Model 6390rds Als® Mid-ride Level I Retention

9 Facts About Gun Holsters

Choosing the right gear and using it correctly can make or break your experience with your personal firearm. Having a well-fitting and...
Vortex Crossfire

Top 5 Red Dots Under $200

In the world of optics red dots are newest to the scene.  Iron sights on guns have been in use since the days...