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Costa Edition "Dragon" Muzzle Brake from Lantac USA

An exclusive sneak peek at the brand new Costa Edition “Dragon” Muzzle Brake from Lantac USA

Sometimes, it’s all about who you know. Jody Lewis is a good guy to know at Defense Marketing Group. His firearms photography has been featured everywhere from Full of Weapons to RECOIL magazine. Jody attended the NASGW Annual Meeting with Guns & Tactics Magazine where we got access to the first glimpses of the brand new Costa Ludus Edition “Dragon” Muzzle Brake.

Here’s our recent coverage on the Dragon…

The story we heard puts Costa on the range with the Dragon, performing his own comparison tests against his other favorite brakes. From the looks of these photos, it seems that Chris favored the Dragon so much that he put the Costa Ludus logo on it, with “COSTA” prominently displayed at its base.

The Costa Edition “Dragon” Muzzle Brake should appear on the Costa Ludus website in a couple of weeks. MSRP is expected to be $140.

The standard “Dragon” Muzzle Brake is already available for purchase.

Here are a few of Jody’s photos:

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