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Dave TimmStaff Contributor

Dave is a police officer currently working as a night patrol supervisor in Minnesota. He oversees his agency’s training unit including field training, use of force and firearms. Dave shoots various pistol and 3 gun matches and loves learning from the various shooting disciplines. Additionally he owns and operates a firearms training company, Learning Firearms, that offers realistic, practical skills based firearms training for law enforcement and responsible citizens. Dave has multiple armorer certifications and provides gunsmith and armorer services as well.


ALG Go Juice Freeze Test

This year at SHOT Show we stopped by the ALG booth and they were interested in seeing how their line of Go-Juice gun lubricants would fair in a Minnesota winter night. Read more

How to Clean Your Glock

We’ve all heard of the guy who hasn’t cleaned his Glock 17 after 100,000 rounds. Good for him. Guns & Tactics would rather know we have a clean, inspected firearm when we need it. Dave Timm takes you through the basics of cleaning your Glock. Read more

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