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Designed To Fight: 2013 Tribute

A look back on 2013 with Poland’s Designed To Fight and TACOPS MEDIA.

Have you met our friends at Designed To Fight? Based in Poland, DTF is an operational training and consulting service with direct focus on practical use of gear and tactics. Started only a year ago, these guys are up to some extreme fun and action filled with high-speed training, full-auto shooting, stunning photography and breathtaking video production capabilities.

Designed To Fight

This latest video release, a montage of DTF’s 2013 moments, illustrates some of their capabilities in the field. Able to import most firearms and tactical products into Poland, DTF are in active collaboration with select US manufacturers to leverage their Polish talents and exotic location for more video productions like this one. So, if you’re brand is in need of an amazing video featuring live-fire running and gunning, smoke, grenades and exploding cars, the DTF crew could be a valuable resource option to consider.

To make all of this possible, DTF have partnered with TACOPS MEDIA to present their offerings and broker project opportunities with US-based businesses. Contact us to learn more about how you can work with TACOPS MEDIA and the Designed To Fight crew to create mind-blowing media for your business.

Designed To Fight

Designed To Fight

And, don’t forget to check out the DTF website at Be sure to find them on Facebook at, too.

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