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Photo by Duane Erickson | Milpriority

March 30, 2014 Posted by Editor in blog

Duane Erickson: Tactical Photographer

Duane Erickson is a Tactical Portrait Photographer and our newest Contributor to Guns & Tactics Magazine. Get to know Duane in this introductory article featuring a few of his favorite images.

Duane Erickson was born in downtown Los Angeles. An explorer through and through, he has taken advantage of the vast wilderness in the more remote areas of Southern California. This love of the outdoors combined with a thirst for adventure fueled his desire to start taking photographs and share these fleeting moments with the world.

Photo by Duane Erickson | Milpriority

Duane’s past reflects an intriguing combination of contrasting experiences. From hot summer days mentoring children with Autism in Northern California, leading grueling yet rewarding expeditions to the top of Mount Whitney in the beautiful Sierra Nevadas, to leading hardened infantry Marines on patrols in the rugged mountains of Camp Pendleton and humid the Forests of Florida. Though his experiences are varied, his love of adventure and photography have remained the same.

Photo by Duane Erickson | Milpriority

Duane has had his eye to the lens since High School, dabbling in Fashion, Portrait, Fine Art, Erotic and Landscape Photography. After joining the Marine Corps in 2009 as an Infantry Rifleman, Duane quickly realized what he was most passionate about: All things Military and Firearm related.

Photo by Duane Erickson | Milpriority

He has logged thousands of hours behind the camera. Capturing breathtaking, one-of-a-kind images of military training events, live fire ranges and Commercial military and firearm related products. His camera is a constant companion both on patrol and on the street.

Photo by Duane Erickson | Milpriority

Duane is now working with major companies in the Tactical, Military and Firearms world. From SOG Knives to Heckler & Koch Firearms, Duane offers Lifestyle and Military focused product photography with a dedication to authenticity that you simply will not see from any other individual in the Industry.

Photo by Duane Erickson | Milpriority

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