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Two ways to prepare if you get shot…

Medical kits are so important. They are more important and undervalued compared to the extra box of ammunition you splurge on once a month. Imagine being able to actually help and save your friend when they are bleeding out… Read more

First Look: Shield Reflex Mini Sight

The interest of adding a small red dot sight to handguns is growing, in some ways it is the perfect storm. Several major handgun manufacturers are now offering factory options that are ready out-of-the-box to add the small red dot sight of the user’s choice. Guns&Tactics takes a First Look at the Shield Reflex Mini Sight. Read more

ArachniGRIP Slide Spider: Gimmick or Grabby Upgrade?

Sometimes, simple solutions are best. I was introduced to a company called ArachniGRIP a few months ago, and they have produced a simple product called the “Slide Spider.” So what is it, exactly? Read more

The Briefing Room: How to Zero Your Pistol Red Dot

In this episode of the Briefing Room, we continue our look at pistol red dot sights. Dave shows us how to zero the sights separately from the iron sights. Also, download the sighting target we use! Read more

Tyrant Designs Halo MiniVert

Jacqueline Carrizosa gives her impressions of Tyrant Designs HALO MiniVert fore grip, the most advanced, ergonomical, lightweight, aggressively-styled AR-15 Vertical Grip Series to date. Read more

The QA: June 2017

For this QA, we answer your questions on Piston vs. Direct Impingement ARs, Carry Ammo, Ongoing Training for the Permit to Carry Holder, Rifle Setup, and More! Read more

Blue Force Gear: Micro Trauma Kit Now!

It’s no secret that individual first aid kits (IFAKs) are all the rage right now. New for 2017 is the Micro Trauma Kit Now!, or Micro TKN! from Blue Force Gear. Read more

The Briefing Room: AK Elite Trigger Installation

In this video we go over the installation of the AK Elite Trigger from CMC Triggers. This trigger is amazing and a very noticeable upgrade to your AK. However, installation of the trigger isn’t quite as easy as an AR so we made this video to help out. Read more

Memorial Day

Remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you! You will never be forgotten! Read more

Shooter's Date Night

Are you in a relationship with a die-hard shooter that competes or just likes to go to the range for fun? You answer, yes? Then you probably know that not only is training high on their priority list, but it can even cut into date nights & quality time. Or are you now feeling a little guilty because it’s YOU that is living at the range? Whether you were the first or the latter of the two, you just found a solution that will strengthen your relationship AND give you more range time. Here are ideas for a game at the range and 10 dry fire drills giving a whole new meaning to Pew & Chill. Read more

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