Building an AR-platform firearm from individually-selected components allows for a high degree of customization. Every AR built in this manner includes a certain level of individuality. In this article, Doug shares what a new company is doing to help builders make their ARs truly one-of-a-kind creations.

AR platform rifles have become almost a commodity in recent times. Given their popularity, enthusiasts now have access to a virtually endless array of component and accessory options. At the 2014 Shot Show I found a company that has taken AR personalization to the next level. Unique-ARs is a family owned company based in Idaho that has combined their love of shooting with their talents in design and artistic machining.

Unique-ARs has created a entire line of artistically-crafted hand guards. As if that weren’t enough, they will also work with you to design a custom one-of-a-kind hand guard that will make your AR truly unique. This opens a whole new chapter in AR building and, whether it’s a tribute to a fallen comrade, a cause you support or just an idea you’ve had in the back of your head for a long time, the possibilities for your design are only limited by your imagination.

I enlisted the help of Unique-ARs to materialize my own design idea. The process was a lot of fun and I felt like a kid waiting for Christmas morning once the design was finalized. I described to them what I wanted and quickly received a design mock-up to evaluate. We made a few small changes to the design and a second mock-up was produced. When it arrived I knew that I’d found something special. Installing the hand guard was easy – the box included instructions and there is an installation video on their website. As with most free-float hand guards, Unique-ARs uses a proprietary barrel nut that is included with each hand guard. They have models for both AR-15 and AR-10 platform rifles.

After completing my first build with a Unique-ARs custom hand guard, I find myself coming up with a variety of other ideas for future build themes. I’m excited to get started on the next one! By using a custom hand guard from Unique-ARs, engraving by Sure Shot Precision and what seems like endless options for coatings and colors, you are truly only limited by your own creativity.

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