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Free Speech Is Dying

An American Family is in Hiding for Exercising Their First Amendment Rights

What is wrong with the American Society that a man and his family have to go into hiding and fear for their lives because they offended someone? This is wrong. It’s shameful that we tolerate the threatening of violence toward an American family.

Recently, there have been contests where a religious figure was drawn and a winner chosen. A lot of publicity is generated and people are offended. The offended people then threaten violence.

A Draw Mohammed Contest was held in Phoenix on May 29th, 2015. I’ve read many articles about the event and the people organizing it. I personally could care less about the contest. Draw Mohammed all you want. But, people who follow Islam were offended. Some were so offended that the organizer of the event, Jon Ritzheimer, has been receiving death threats and his family has had to go into hiding.

Sure, a lot of people were offended. But guess what? They have the right to offend you.

Phoenix Draw Muhammad Organizer Allegedly Threatened With Beheading Goes Into Hiding

…he and his family must now go into hiding because of the cartoons and free speech rally. He said: "I’m having to sell my house, my family has been threatened, so they’re in hiding. I’m having to go into hiding after this. Because they are calling for ‘lone wolves’ to come and behead me. That’s following their book as it’s written."

Ritzheimer then reflected a moment and said: "That’s tyranny. That’s terrorism right here in America. This isn’t happening over seas. This is in America."

(Emphasis added)

People offended by the contest are calling for violence against an American and his family. Again, regardless of how you feel about what he is saying, when is it right to threaten another person and his family and not be the bad person?

ISIS Hacker Linked To Garland Texas Attack Sets Sights On Phoenix Freedom Of Speech Rally Organizer

It would be wise to take threats against Ritzhimer seriously, though. ISIS jihadi Junaid Hussain, a young hacker who, according to CNN, may have played a role in inspiring the Garland gunmen through his tweets, has urged attacks on Friday’s event in Phoenix.

This is wrong. It’s shameful that we tolerate the threatening of violence toward an American family.

We as Americans that believe in the founding principles of this country should be fighting for the people that organized the event. Not because we believe in what the event stood for or what it was saying.

Because they have the right to say it.

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