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Message from the Editor:

Some of you may recognize this content from earlier this year. The manufacturer has elected to completely re-brand the company and make some improvements to the previous product. These changes warrant a reintroduction of the Ghost Ring Sight System through Spitfire Armory, a new company dedicated to supporting a wide array of firearm accessory needs.

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August 30, 2013 Posted by Editor in blog

Ghost Ring Sight System Transforms Remington 870 Shotguns

Ghost Ring sight system with integrated Picatinny rail engineered by Pongratz Engineering for Spitfire Armory

Minneapolis, MN USA – The old pump shotgun you have tucked away at the back of your gun closet may quickly become your new weapon of choice thanks to a revolutionary Ghost Ring sight system with integrated Picatinny rail engineered by Pongratz Engineering for Spitfire Armory. Designed to upstage traditional sight systems that lack innovative features, the sight system provides options such as a Picatinny accessory rail on the sides of the front sight for flashlight or laser mounting. The front sight also seamlessly integrates with shotguns that have a magazine tube extension mounted. The rear sight system boasts a longer rail for more scope mounting options, a fiber optic Ghost Ring sight, and an attractive tactical appearance that turns a Remington 870 into a modern looking (and newly capable) weapon for $100.00 to $200.00, depending on the selection of various models within the line.

The Ghost Ring EX Sight System is specifically designed for hunting, competition shooting, tactical and law enforcement applications. Models include: 1) Ghost Ring EX Rear Sight 2) Ghost Ring EX Front Sight Double or Single 3) and the Ghost Ring EX Accessory Rail.

Pongratz Engineering, working in concert with co-inventor Bernie White, has built a unique system designed for the millions of sportsmen that already have an 870 or similar model shotgun. “As avid hunters and sportsmen ourselves,” Troy Pongratz, President of Pongratz Engineering, explains on behalf of both himself and his co-inventor Bernie White, “we know that higher end shotguns can easily cost $800.00 to as much as $1800.00. That is a lot of money in a tight economy. By offering customers the option to retrofit their existing 870 (or similar model shotgun) with our sight system, we allow the average sportsman the option to spend a couple hundred dollars to revolutionize a firearm that many of us have relegated to our weapon of last resort. Our product modernizes a classic shotgun model and offers the potential to save sportsmen hundreds of dollars. With the fiber optic sights, the system is designed for low light conditions making it ideal for deer or turkey hunting as well as tactical situations.”

For more information about Pongratz Engineering, visit Spitfire Armory.

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