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Listen up everyone… GLOCK is debuting a brand new clothing line. In fact, they’ve got an exclusive pre-launch sale going on right now! Be sure and get your butt over to https://store.teamglock.com/ today! The sale ends March 17th.

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"Confidence in any situation. Confidence is what the new GLOCKPERFORM line of apparel provides. Employing quality fabrics, updated fits and elevated designs, GLOCKPERFORM supports your lifestyle through superior casual and performance wear."

The new GLOCK line includes a “GLOCKPERFORM Atheltic shirt” in long-sleeve for both men and women features “Syntrel Extreme Moisture Transport Technology,” the same technology used by manufactures of runners’ clothing. The more casual side of GLOCKPERFORM includes the “GLOCKPERFORM Wrap Schematic Tee” for men and women, which has a modern sketch of a Glock pistol wrapped around the side.

This being said, the official launch of the clothing line isn’t until April 12th.

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