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[dcs_fancy_header color=”#000000″ fweight=”bold”]Hurricane Safety Systems, manufacturers of premium treestand safety accessories introduces their flagship product, the PowerLOK™.[/dcs_fancy_header]

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TRAVERSE CITY, MI – Hurricane Safety Systems, manufacturers of premium treestand safety accessories introduces their flagship product, the PowerLOK™. This palm sized tensioning and locking device provides a rock solid treestand attachment that unlike ropes and ratchet straps never needs replacing.

The PowerLOK utilizes a unique technology called Calculated Radial Extraction (CRE), an industry first that produces a set amount of force or torque on the tree assuring rock solid attachment every time. A socket or cordless drill is all that is needed to securely attach your stand to the tree in seconds. The treestand PowerLOK produces more than 400 lbs of Calculated Radial Extraction (CRE) which levels and tightens your treestand immediately during attachment without slipping or sagging into locking position.

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“Ropes and ratchet straps can weaken and stretch over time” stated Hurricane Vice President of Marketing, David McCool. “The PowerLOK replaces these straps and quickly and easily attaches to virtually every stand on the market today. With its unique tensioning system, anyone with a cordless drill or socket can easily secure their stand to the tree. It is the most advanced and secure system available.”

The PowerLOK kit contains a quiet chain with a breaking strength of 3000 lbs, and universal brackets that quickly attach to most treestands.

At this time Hurricane Safety Systems is seeking industry partners and licensees. Please contact us or stop by booth #2556 at the ATA Show.

About Hurricane Safety Systems

Goodell and Squires set out to develop a product suite specifically adapted to the needs of elevated treestand hunters. As a result, they developed a treestand attachment system that is the safest, most technically advanced system available today. Learn more at www.hurricaness.com