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Photo Credit: David Thorson, Tracerx Photography

LA Police Gear Mini Bailout Bag

Weather you're a fireman, EMS, police officer, a tactical minded professional or civilian, you'll enjoy this up-close review of the LA Police Gear Mini Bailout Bag with Chris Tran.

Any domestic first responder, whether it be Fire, EMS, or Police, has more than likely heard of I’ve utilized them for years and find, for the most part, that their prices are highly competitive, their selections are good, and their in-stock inventory rivals other national chains/distributors.

Another thing LAPoliceGear is known for is providing relevant, quality, and budget-conscious clothing and apparel. I’ve owned a couple of pairs of “Operator” pants for several years, and they’ve held up quite well, as has the following item I wanted to talk about today: the Mini Bailout Bag.

Standard Features

Made from 600 Denier Nylon Polyester lining to protect your delicate items from scratching

High Quality Zippers to reduce possibility of corrosion caused by your working environment. Now by popular demand, they are available in OLIVE DRAB, BLACK, or Desert Tan

Wider, more comfortable removable shoulder strap

Main compartment fits iPad and other tablets/small laptops

Old 5 Cell, flashlight pocket has been replaced with a tubular pocket to hold irregular items even your emergency shaving kit and toothbrush

The LAPG Mini BOB is a utilitarian, budget-conscious utility bag that served multiple purposes. Now, while not unique in its features (think of it as a smaller, budget version of Maratac’s Bailout Bag XL), it is put together well, serves its purpose, and won’t break the bank in the meantime. I have personally owned my own for about 6 years prior to being approached to write this overview, and I’m quite comfortable with it. Did I mention that it only costs $19.99?

Now, everyone has a different idea of what a proper “bailout” bag is, and I’m not going to go into the nuances of what makes a “bail-out” vs. “bug-out” vs. “get home” bag. I would liken this excellent bag as more of an all-around utility bag; and depending on your load-out and paperwork requirements, possibly a small kit bag for patrol officers.

All in all, the Bailout Bag is simply a smart, economical piece of kit. It is not so specialized that it can only be used for a singular purpose; much like the popular Active-Shooter bags that are on the market today. Rather, the pockets, internal divider, and modular mounting surfaces are versatile enough that the Bailout Bag can be used for multiple purposes – a range bag, a non-tactical kit bag for the workplace to hold items such as iPads, tools, voltage meters, notepads or tools, or as a practical/tactical diaper bag for the TacDad on the go. LAPG has done an excellent job remaining open and responsive to customer feedback, and the bag has undergone minor, subtle, but important updates over the years.

The LA Police Gear Mini Bailout Bag measures approximately 16" x 11" x 6.5" externally (15" x 10.5" x 6" internally) Padded Removable Shoulder Strap INCLUDED. Carry handles of heavy nylon webbing, running the entire length and across the bottom for extra secure support. Large quality zippers with paracord pulls (for when your fine motor skills are shutting down or when it's just plain cold). Hook and loop patch on side pocket to attach name tape, flight suit tag or unit patch.

The best thing about the bag, in my opinion is its versatility and modularity. First off, the interior of the main compartment, in conjunction with the provided divider, is a hook-and-loop junkie’s dream. Any assortment of pouches, pockets, or hook-backed accessory can be slapped onto any and all interior space, making it a totally customizable interior.

Special Features

Only quality brand zippers and real hook and loop used throughout

Hidden full size gun pocket with hook and loop

Two adjustable side pockets for radios

Large main pocket has a removable stiffener/divider system with a loop texture to help organize gear

Stinger/SurefireTM pocket

Two pen pockets

Tactical illuminator pocket

Four accessory pockets for gun magazines, etc with adjustable hook and loop closures

Large side zippered pocket for wallet, passport, keys and other valuables

The second best feature, which is often overlooked, is the hidden CCW pocket. I’m not the biggest fan of off-the-body-carry, but I can’t always dress around the gun. Just about every pack, gearslinger, or bag I own has a CCW pouch or section on it. Sometimes situations dictate carrying off the body, and the Bailout Bag will easily accommodate my EDC Glock 19 and my Elzetta Bravo.

The third important feature that is often overlooked is that the flaps on the large accessory pockets are adjustable/removable. I primarily use my Bailout Bag for the range and as a backup ammo caddy, so having adjustable flaps that can accommodate both AR and AK magazines is quite handy. My patrol partner has owned his Bailout Bag for longer than me, and it 100% serviceable with only a few scuff marks on the bottom.

The LAPG Bailout Bag simply can’t be beat for functionality, durability, and cost-effectiveness. I would daresay that thousands of other full-time officers would agree with me, as well as the thousands of every day consumers that use the Bailout Bag for their own personal needs. This simple piece of kit is easily and unequivocally recommended.

The LAPG Bailout Bag can be purchased directly from LA Police Gear:

Photo Credit: David Thorson, Tracerx Photography

Photo Credit: David Thorson, Tracerx Photography

Photo Credit: David Thorson, Tracerx Photography

Photo Credit: David Thorson, Tracerx Photography

Photo Credit: David Thorson, Tracerx Photography

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