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LANTAC Dragon Muzzle Brake – Now Available for Purchase!

Introducing the Dragon Muzzle Break from LANTAC USA. Available now at

There’s been a lot of discussion about the new Dragon Muzzle Brake from LANTAC USA. Those who’ve had the pleasure of putting rounds down range with the Dragon Muzzle Break have absolutely loved it. While we’ve not yet had the personal opportunity to try it, yet, feedback is telling us it is an extremely effective brake that eliminates pretty much all muzzle movement and does a pretty awesome job of reducing flash signature as well. Watch this video to see it in action. Best of all, these are finally in-stock and available for purchase now at

LANTAC USA Dragon Muzzle Break | Photo by Jody Lewis, Crossfire Photography


Manufactured to the highest quality standards and featuring a patent pending design, the LANTAC DGN556B Muzzle Brake offers improved recoil management and muzzle rise over competitors products. Its unique Short Energy Pulse system reduces length of recoil so that repeating shot energy cannot overlap and knock the shooter back. Full auto fire is possible with massively reduced recoil and muzzle climb, meaning that all shots fall on target.

Ultra Fast Attenuation of muzzle blast gasses means that Flash Signature is also reduced.

LANTAC USA Dragon Muzzle Break | Photo by Jody Lewis, Crossfire Photography



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