Price: $20.00 ea.
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After posting our t-shirt designs on our Facebook page and receiving an overwhelming response, we decided to pull the trigger and get a few shirts produced. We hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to support our brand, get a cool t-shirt and help make the next production run possible.

UPDATE: T-shirts are currently in stock, available, and shipping worldwide!

We really appreciate our fans. Thanks so much for your support!


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  • Ranko Bastovanovic

    T-shirt is a great deal of good, and I like it a lot … that can be purchased and how much cost?

  • Thanks for your comment. The t-shirts are currently selling for $20 each.

  • Chris

    Any shipping costs for Europe available?

    • Shipping cost is flat rate to countries outside the USA. The cost is $20, so is best to order more than just one. We’ll event sweeten the deal by tossing in a combat air freshener from Victory Scents!

    • Maniac_Cop

      iam also from europe, (Belgium) and i want also 2 of this T-shirts.

      • After you click the PayPal button there will be an option to pay with a credit card if preferred. PayPal is very safe and will convert the funds for us. Hope this helps!

  • Ranko Bastovanovic

    T-shirt for me now … only interested in how many days would come from opportunities? I live in Serbia … to any payment, bank account or otherwise?

    • Yes, we can send to Serbia. It will probably take 10 to 14 business days to arrive.

  • randy mckinney

    how about some in tall size would like one or two

    • Thanks for this request. We will make sure to include tall sizes in next batch 🙂

  • Ranko Bastovanovic

    if you have a half-finger gloves?, and what’s the price?

  • Matt

    Love 1 on a Army pension now, but that rocks.
    But do you send 2 Australia.

    • Yes, we can send to Australia. We actually wish we could just deliver this one in person 😛

  • Pat

    Shipping yet to the US? Thinking about ordering

    • Yes, we ship from Seattle, WA.

  • Kilo25

    It doesn’t allow to select one of each. Also, ship to APO?

  • Dave

    Awesome shirt! I want the M4 but I think I will wait till the other designs are available as well to make the $20 shipping fee feels bit better. I live in Victoria B.C. and frequently visit Seattle. Is there somewhere there that I can get one?

    • Shoot us an email when you come thru Seattle and we’ll try to sync up with ya. Thanks for your support!


    Hi, want to know when is going to start shipping the t-shirts. I placed my order for 1 on 10/18.Thanks.

    • Orders began shipping today 🙂

  • Jr Spano

    Hi, i’m from Venezuela would like to know a better price for 36 shirts and if you can send to an address in Miami where my courier…

  • Richard

    Not all fans are petite sized. A few shirts in 3XL and 4XL would be great even if they have to cost a little more for the extra material.

    Austin, Texas

    • Hi Richard,

      We’ll be sure to get some larger sizes in the next order, coming soon!

      Thanks for your comments!