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Memorial Day is not at easy day for me, or for many of my brother’s-in-arms. It certainly isn’t what I would call a "holiday."

It is however a day of remembrance… a day to publicly recognize the military men and women who gave their lives to our cause.

It is sometimes daunting to realize just how many of my friends are in that category.

To my comrades who gave all… THANK YOU! You are not now, and will never be, forgotten!

To my brother’s-in-arms who are still here to read these words… Thank you!

Thank you for making the decision that there is something worth putting your life on the line for… and for standing next to me during my time on that line.

You exemplify all that is great and good in this country. As long as we have citizens like you I know we will prevail no matter what the threat, from within or from without.

To the families and friends of those who were called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice…

I know there are no words to lessen your sense of loss. At least none that I have found which lesson mine.

I do know however that in the final accounting it is not our feelings of loss that matter, nor our opinion of the value of the cause.

The only judgment that matters is that of our missing loved ones… and they made their opinion abundantly clear when they made the choice to serve.

With their choice they declared that there are beliefs, concepts, and societal structures that are of greater value than the life of any individual, and they willingly put the only life they had up as collateral to that common good.

We are forever indebted to them for their sacrifice.

I will indeed celebrate the courage, commitment and honor they demonstrated every day of their military service and that of the men and women currently serving in our armed forces.

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