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Mixon Targets

We just got a box of these this past week and can’t wait to shoot ’em up! These deserving copyrighted Mixon’s Targets come in boxes of 500, printed on high-quality paper using top-notch ink for better visibility.

Mixon’s Targets is a California based company started in 2006 by former law enforcement officer, Brian Mixon with a goal to develop better firearm training skills. Whether a beginner or a professional, developing good muscle memory skills is essential for good target sight acquisition, and Mixon’s Targets make the process easier.

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This target has a 4 inch green dot on the head and a 4.5 x 5 inch green chest field designed for the traditional two to the chest and one to the head stoppage drills. This target is perfect for indoor and outdoor training. Silouette style target with 5-10 rings. Designed for use on a 25 yard range.


The green color on their bullseye and shillouette targets provide quicker aquasition of your front site to the target. Therefore developing better visibility and muscle memory skills for the begining civilian shooter to police and military.

Standard round target with 5-10 rings. Center Bull’s Eye is Lime Green for quick target acquisition. Designed for up to 100 yards from 22 L.R. and up.


Five small round targets with 1 inch center dots designed for up to 50 yards and is the perfect 22 L.R. and .17 HMR target. Center Bull’s Eye is Lime Green for quick target acquisition. This target is designed as a 50 foot indoor range target giving you more targets to shoot at. In addition, this target also works great for sighting in pistols, rilfes and competition shooting.

MTS-2 – Hostage

This 18×24 size target is great for situational training for indoor or outdoor use. All of Mixon’s Target Systems targets are printed on heavy paper stock for maximum strength and durability.


This 18×28 target is designed for high visibility training to help develop muscle memory, target acquisition and is perfect for stoppage drills for all types of firearms.


This target is a 9×12 offset at the top to expose the target better on the target older.

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