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Nevada's Pop-Tart Gun Bill Almost Law

Political Correctness Takes a Shot in Nevada.

Nevada is one step closer to allowing kids to play with Pop-Tart guns at school.

Without debate, the Senate Committee on Education unanimously recommended AB121 to the full Senate on Tuesday. Having already passed the Assembly in a 24-17 vote, the bill only needs Senate approval and Gov. Brian Sandoval’s signature to become law.

The bill lists all kinds of weapon-related actions that would be protected from discipline in school:

  • Doodling a gun or dangerous weapon on a sheet of paper.
  • Twirling a pencil like a cowboy handling his revolver.
  • Simulating a gun with building blocks.
  • Wearing clothes depicting firearms or expressing an opinion regarding the constitutional right to bear arms.

That doesn’t mean students could do whatever they want with these simulated weapons.

Under the bill, students could still be disciplined for disrupting learning, causing bodily harm to others or making anyone believe they might be harmed.

A recent bill amendment also limits these protections to students in kindergarten through eighth grade. High schools could still punish students for bringing toy guns to school or simulating a firearm.

Bill creator Assemblyman Jim Wheeler, R-Minden, has called it a needed measure in today’s world of "Political correctness taken too far."

Reno Gazette-Journal

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