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February 16, 20172 months ago

Montana House Passes Constitutional Carry, Again *UPDATE*

For the third time, the Montana Legislature has passed Constitutional Carry for the citizens of Montana. Will a Democratic Governor veto the legislation again? Read more
May 5, 201611 months ago

Female Concealed Carry Up in Washington State

Statewide, the number of females with concealed carry permits increased over 62%. Nationwide, polls are showing that females are more supportive of gun rights. Read more
August 19, 20133 years ago

Seattle Businesses Discriminate Against Legal Gun Owners

Seattle Program Allows Businesses to Become Gun-Free Zones Read more
February 1, 20134 years ago

HammerFour Introduces F.I.T.E. CCTM for Concealed Carry Training

HammerFour announces F.I.T.E. CC.1TM and F.I.T.E. CC.2TM to its F.I.T.E. System of courses, addressing the specific needs of individuals that carry a concealed firearm. Read more
October 28, 20115 years ago

National Concealed-Carry Bill Passes House Committee

House Republicans on Tuesday advanced a bill that would expand the rights of concealed firearms permit-holders, allowing citizens to carry concealed weapons in any state that issues permits. Read more

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