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May 17, 201710 days ago

Griffin Armaments’ Revolution Mod3 Silencer Series

Griffin Armaments’ Revolution Silencer Series brings new to market features and versatility in the pistol silencer class. The Mod 3 Revolution Series silencers are now rated for 7.62x39, 300 BLK supersonic, and 5.56mm for hunting applications. Read more
October 30, 20151 year ago

Dead Air Rapidly Becoming Police Department Suppressor of Choice

Dead Air Armament™, the strikingly silent suppressor company, is pleased to announce that the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department SWAT unit of North Carolina has adopted Dead Air’s Sandman™ series of suppressors as their choice for departmental use. The contract was awarded to Dead Air over that of its competitors’ products only after several months of rigorous field testing and evaluations were completed. Read more
October 22, 20151 year ago

ASA Announces HEARING PROTECTION ACT: A Bill to Remove Suppressors From The NFA

The American Suppressor Association recently announced that the Hearing Protection Act (HPA) has been introduced into Congress by Rep. Matt Salmon of Arizona. The Act removes the National Firearms Act (NFA) tax and replaces the ATF transfer process with an instantaneous NICS background check. Read more
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May 16, 20152 years ago

Rat Worx Announces 9mm Tavor Suppressor

The Rat Worx ZRX Tavor suppressor gives you unparalleled noise and recoil reduction in a compact package. Read more
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December 9, 20115 years ago

MasterPiece Arms Announces Three New .22 Defender Suppressors & the Winners of their “Name that MPA Suppressor Contest"

A contest held to inviting fans to name the next product line of suppressors was ended early as a result of the overwhelming response of more than 280 entries. Read more

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