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Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire

June 13, 2013 Posted by Aaron Coston in

Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire

A documentary we need in more theaters

For years we've seen the works of Hollywood add to the fire that engulfs our right to keep and bear arms with an unending flame. While often filled with firearms used in so many asinine ways, the right of we the people to own and operate such arms is most often ridiculed on the big screen.

Until now.

Created by Kris Koenig and narrated by noted musician and actor Ice-T, Assaulted takes a hard look at our second amendment rights, their condition today, and how we've got to this point. Covering everything from the government use of gun laws to control minorities after the civil war, the NFA over the past 100 years, and all the way up through the aftermath of Katrina where the rights of thousands were stripped away in the name of "safety."

Early on in the film Kevin Thomason, an Attorney standing on a street in Oakland California, summed up our situation perfectly.

This whole thing about controlling guns was never about public safety. Its always been about controlling groups that were politically inconvenient.

On June 20th this film will hit select theaters across the nation. Go to their website and see if its playing in your area. If its not, use the Tugg feature to get it in a theater near you! California, you have a lot of options here thanks to Calguns!

I could go on and on about how important this film is, and how everyone needs to bring a friend who's not a fan of guns. But, here's the deal. Besides all that, its a great film. The historical information, and the stories you've never heard will both infuriate and intrigue you, guaranteed.

Besides, its an excuse to take your lady to a theater without having to sit through an awful two hours watching a guy you don't care about fall in love with a girl that's not really all that hot.



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