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Photo Credit: Down Range Photography

California Gun Owners Fighting Back

California gun owners, tired of Governor Jerry Brown’s relentless onslaught on their Second Amendment Rights, are taking the fight to the governor.


Firearms enthusiasts are taking aim at seven gun control bills Gov. Jerry Brown signed last month. But with little time to gather signatures for a referendum and no monetary help from the National Rifle Association, they could wind up inadvertently helping Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom make the case for his gun measure on the November ballot.

The newly formed group Veto Gunmageddon began circulating petitions Friday at gun stores and firing ranges across the state, seeking enough signatures to put the seven bills, which go into effect next year, to a popular vote — most likely in November 2018.

"This is what the people’s veto is for," said Barry Bahrami, a San Diego area business owner who is spearheading the petition drive. "Anyone who knows anything about firearms looks at these laws and knows how ridiculous they are."


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