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February 4, 2014 Posted by Editor in

"Chambered TV" Debuts on Guns & Tactics

Guns & Tactics has partnered with Videographer Henry Ceiro to produce the Chambered TV, filmed in 4K HD. Chambered TV videos will be exclusively available at Guns & Tactics.

ASHEBORO, NC – TACOPS MEDIA, a video production and digital publishing company serving the firearms and defense industry, has announced the launch of a new gun review video series titled “Chambered TV.” The series will air on the Guns & Tactics YouTube channel at starting in March 2014.

Chambered 600 270 "Chambered TV" Debuts on Guns & Tactics

Chambered TV is filmed in 4K HD with RED EPIC – X camera technology, which captures up to 300 FPS at full resolution.

In the pilot episode, filmed at the Triad Tactical Training Center, Josh Fox hosts Chambered TV and a review of the Glock Model 42, provided by Carolina Guns & Gear.

"This is an exciting time in the firearms industry and we’re harnessing cutting-edge technology to present these products to our viewers and subscribers, along with slow-motion action and in graphic detail. Episode slots and sponsorship positions for the show are filling up quickly."

Jae GillentineManaging Partner, TACOPS MEDIA

The first season of Chambered TV is currently being finalized and production is underway. To inquire about having your products featured on Chambered TV, or to participate as a sponsor, please contact

About The Host

Now having served the professional film/video industry for nine years, Josh has rocked some serious accomplishments including: on air promotional talent, directing acclaimed music videos, producing and directing commercial/promotional television projects, as well as building the largest snowman North Carolina has ever seen.

Having a working gunsmith for a father has taught him a few things about weapons and instilled a paramount respect for those who trust in them as a profession. Josh currently lives in Greensboro, NC where he works as a freelance producer and director.

About Henry Ceiro

Henry Ceiro is a Cuban-born filmmaker with a Bachelors Film Degree from Full Sail University, and multiple years of experience from working in NYC and NC. His work has been featured on FOX, MTV, Bloomberg, PBS, Earthlink, Verizon, Wal-Mart, HondaJet, Electrolux, among others.

For more information, visit

About Guns & Tactics

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    February 5, 2014 5:22 pmPosted 2 months ago
    Shawn White

    I love this website! Excited to see new media from Chambered TV, however: gun handling seems sloppy (nearly appears to cover his own body multiple times), and promoting that “sticky” Uncle Mike’s style holster with no rigidity (the holster will not stay open after presenting the weapon) is ill-advised. I look forward to further productions, and hope some tighter handling and smarter tactical accessories are employed.


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