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January 12, 2014 Posted by Editor in

Making a Case to be Called the Finest Case...Ever

New Plano Field Locker Mil-Spec Cases Meet Stringent Law Enforcement and Military Standards

Plano, IL – In the jurisdiction of firearms and firearms storage, the most exacting of users are in law enforcement and the military – and justly so. Anything less than the best is unacceptable when lives and security are at stake. Product failure is intolerable; potentially dangerous, actually. And this is precisely why Plano doesn’t take the title of being ‘Mil-Spec’ lightly.

Demonstrating this commitment to integrity, Plano proudly introduces the Field Locker™ Mil-Spec Case series; instantly considered the finest firearms cases ever engineered. The robust series comes in six sizes and configurations, protecting valuable arms from pistols to long-guns and tactical weapons.

Precise measurements are first and foremost to being considered law enforcement and military grade. Each Field Locker Mil-Spec Case is carefully sized to fit and protect the firearms within, and can be trusted to exactly measure its stated specifications.

From there, it’s a checklist of quality components and vital features. Each case is formed using Plano’s inimitable molding process, which yields a reinforced shell that’s up to any task it’s assigned, from long and rugged travel to exposure to the elements.

All Field Locker Mil-Spec Cases are watertight and dust-proof. Secure sealing with premium gaskets coupled with exact measurements insure that the contents won’t be adversely affected by water or dirty environments. This pledge to protection against environmental factors is advanced with the case’s Pressure Release Valve, which equalizes pressure divergence caused by altitude or temperature.

Military and law enforcement grade amenities continue. Over molded Heavy Duty Handles defy breakage while reducing fatigue to your hand while on the move. Reinforced padlock gates tell would-be thieves to choose another victim; most padlocks fold flat, too. Each draw-down latch is built for durability and positioned with expert knowledge of what will be guarded on the inside, keeping those contents safe and secure.

Internally, each Field Locker Mil-Spec Case features double-density foam. Fully customizable, the foam layers can be configured to go hand-in-glove with your particular firearm.

And long-gun and tactical firearm carriers will be especially pleased by the final element of forethought that went into designing the three largest Field Locker Mil-Spec Gun cases. Each sports a pair of wheels to make the cases incredibly mobile and perfect for traveling.

MSRP $94.99 to $249.99

Field Locker® XL Mil-Spec Pistol Case

Model 109170

Field Locker® Large Mil-Spec Pistol Case

Model 109150

Field Locker® Double Long Mil-Spec Gun Case

Model 109540

Field Locker® Tactical Long Mil-Spec Gun Case

Model 109440

Field Locker® Single Long Mil-Spec Gun Case

Model 109501

If your ultimate requirement in a firearms case is that it clearly be the best, call off the comparison shopping. Plano made sure the Field Locker Mil-Spec Case series had no challengers. Law enforcement knows it; so does the military. And soon so will you. Find out more at

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  • Halligan Hooligan

    I cannot tell from the picture, but are there latch(s) to secure a lock ??

    Thank you

  • Ron

    With established products already on the market (I.e. Pelican), and this product’s price being in line with Pelican, what exactly is Plano bringing to the table? What incentive is there to gamble with utilizing a Plano case (and taking risk) when we know that current Pelicans will do the job?

  • Capt Bruce Campbell

    I’m sure Plano makes a great case, they’ve been making good tackle boxes for years. But I think that Pelican is probably the leader in Mil-spec cases as they were one of the first to offer a totally sealed and crush proof case and have for years.

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