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Montana House Passes Constitutional Carry, Again *UPDATE*

Montana is attempting for the third time to pass Constitutional Carry.

Montana first passed Constitutional Carry in both the House and Senate in 2011. But, HB 271 was vetoed by Democratic Governor Brian Schweitzer and the Legislature was unable to overturn the veto.

The second attempt at Constitutional Carry came in 2015. Montana HB 298 was also passed by both the House and Senate. But, Democratic Governor Steve Bullock vetoed the bill. Again, the veto could not be overturned.

Will the third time be a charm?


Earlier this week, the Montana House of Representatives passed constitutional/permitless carry legislation, House Bill 262. HB 262 has now been transferred over to the Senate where it will await a committee referral.

Sponsored by state Representative Bill Harris, HB 262 would allow any law-abiding individual who can legally possess a firearm to carry a handgun for self-defense in Montana without having to obtain a permit to do so. This bill recognizes a law-abiding adult’s unconditional Right to Keep and Bear Arms for self-defense in the manner he or she chooses. Self-defense situations are difficult, if not impossible, to anticipate. Accordingly, a law-abiding adult’s right to defend himself or herself in such situations should not be conditioned by government-mandated time delays and taxes.



On Wednesday, February 15th, the Montana Senate approved House Bill 262. Now the bill heads to the Governor.

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