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seattle 600 400 Seattle Businesses Discriminate Against Legal Gun Owners

August 19, 2013 Posted by Editor in

Seattle Businesses Discriminate Against Legal Gun Owners

Seattle Program for Businesses to Become Gun-Free Zones.

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn and the group Washington Ceasefire launched a program for businesses to voluntarily ban guns in stores. Businesses can sign up to say guns are not allowed and can post signs to let people know their firearm is not welcome inside. This is an entirely voluntary program and no city money is being used to fund it.

Here's a list of the establishments participating in the program:

Cafe Racer, the scene of a fatal shooting in the University District last year, is also participating. Some of the establishments on this list already serve alcohol, making it illegal to have a firearm in the establishment. Visit this page to see the full list of participants so that can be informed when choosing where you do business.

More than 350,000 citizens are permitted to carry a concealed weapon in Washington State.

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