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October 10, 2013 Posted by Editor in

Tactical News Magazine #9 - FREE Download!

Packed with more stunning imagery, videos, and editorials - Enjoy a FREE Download of Tactical News Magazine, Issue #9.

Enjoy this FREE download of Tactical News Magazine #9.

In this issue, Level Zero Heroes, Operational Procedures, The Art of Krav Maga, Seekins Precision and much more. Featuring the works of Mike Haytack, Jody Lewis, Steve Coulston, Mateusz Kanigowski and others!

Click here to download it free!

About Tactical News Magazine

Tactical News Magazine - International Edition is the first and only international magazine written in English, dedicated to the world of tactics and operations covering extensively the role of the man on the ground, his powers, his tools and his psycho-physical condition. Edited by A&G Publishing GmbH, TNM - International Edition offers the reader an unprecedented opportunity to gather information through the following: reviews and field testing of equipment; weapons and accessories; technical sections on armed and unarmed combat; columns on tactical/operational procedures in security plus military environments; a section solely dedicated to the Special Forces; case studies and real-life stories of workers and former workers; exclusive reports from the hottest conflict areas of the globe; sections on Criminology and Forensic Science; articles on the legalities surrounding operational procedures; geopolitical analysis; an historical section examining the continual evolution of special operations and tactics and much more.

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Notice: The views and ideas presented in Tactical News Magazine do not necessarily reflect the views of Guns & Tactics or the people who operate it. It is with that confidence that we deliver this publication as a non-biased content provider.

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