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Wyoming House Will Vote to End Gun-Free Zones in Schools

The Wyoming House passed House Bill 194, which allows school staff to be armed on school property. The bill does not require staff to be armed, but armed staff must have a concealed weapons permit.

Supporters argue having armed staff would increase the safety of schools in rural district far from law enforcement. Opponents argue that guns in a school would increase the danger of children being harmed.


CHEYENNE — Wyoming school districts would have the option of allowing school employees to carry concealed guns in schools under a bill approved Wednesday by a legislative committee.

House Bill 194 does not require school districts to allow employees to carry guns. But it does say that employees who are allowed to carry guns must have concealed carry permits.

The bill was advanced by the House Education Committee on an 8-1 vote, which sends the bill to the full House for consideration.

Supporters of the bill said allowing employees to carry firearms would improve safety, especially for schools in rural areas, which could be far from law enforcement.

Opponents raised concerns that having guns around, which could potentially be accessed by children, decreases safety.

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