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[/dcs_img_center] [dcs_post_top] [dcs_fancy_header bgcolor=”#ffffff” color=”#000000″ fweight=”bold”]Walk a mile in our boots. A look at our the Melee Uniform Boot after one-year of daily wear.[/dcs_fancy_header] [dcs_thinspliter size=”medium”]

I can safely tell you that I love my Danner Melee Uniform Boots. They’re light, comfortable, versatile, durable and reliable. They’re pretty affordable, too! At just $120, the Melee is a fantastic option for foot gear no matter the climate, terrain or conditions.

Over the past year we’ve worn the Melee as routine daily footwear. From Seattle to DC, to Paris, to Vegas, Panama, Ecuador and Germany the Melee has performed reliably well. Weather in cold or hot conditions, the Melee served as a versatile foot soldier ready for action at all times. Rain, snow, gravel, asphalt, beeches, or rainforests- the Melee is a sure win on both your feet and in your pocket.

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Of course, a year of wear comes with a bit of tear. So, we decided to show you how well the Melees have held up despite the countless miles and travel we’ve subjected them to in the the eleven months past. You can see the pitting in the interior heel from kicking off my boots to often without untying them. Still the heel provides compromised support due to the its superb construction.

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The external rubber surfaces, sidewall stitches, edges and eyelets are all still in very good condition. The reinforced toes and heels of the boot have also remained in very good shape.

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The soles are where most of the wear and tear become obvious. Just like a car tire, miles and miles of travel will require new tread. But, as you can see the Melee has taken us very far and could still go much further. Eleven months of constant wear and these boots are still really strong!

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You can purchase the Melee Uniform Boot direct from the Danner store at http://www.danner.com/boots/melee/

Click here to watch the video of our tour at Danner.

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  1. purchased the Melee 6″ in canteen almost a year ago and I gotta say they have got to be one if not the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn! They are extremely sturdy too. I could easily use these for a light weekend backpacking trip. The mid-sized 6” is a very nice compromise between the support of a boot and the light agility of a shoe – they feel like a light shoe with just a bit more ankle support. Sizing it spot on and the quality and value is top notch as you would expect from Danner! I called Danner to see where I could purchase some canteen colored laces for my shoes just to have them ready for when they will need replacing and they sent me some free of charge! NO ONE beats Danner for Customer Satisfaction! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

  2. My experience with these:
    I have normal width feet, purchased the 3″ Melee in a normal D width which were so “painfully cripplingly” tight that I sent them back to Danner and they sent me a EE width replacement pair which are also VERY tight, but not “cripplingly” as was the first pair.

    However… I bought a pair of the Melee in the 8″ boot Cree Precision Multicam, they are amazing, fit like they are custom made, not a hot spot anywhere and are?incredibly light!
    The 8″ Melee Multicam boots were $140.00.
    I paid $87.00 for the 3″ Melee.
    The 8″ are amazing!
    The 3″ are a disappointing.

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