Packing Pretty's Pink Springfield XD(M)

There has been some speculation, and a lot of questions regarding my “Pink Gun of Shame”. It’s time that I set the record straight.

The “Pink Gun of Shame” is not a sig mosquito, it is not a .380, and it is most certainly not any sort of toy. The “Pink Gun of Shame” is a Springfield XD(m) 4.5 inch, 9mm.

When I decided that I wanted a pink gun, I started by choosing the gun that I loved. I knew that I wanted a striker fired handgun with a high magazine capacity, a grip safety, the standard 1911 grip angle, and in a 9mm. Seeing as how I already owned a few XDs, I naturally fell in love with the XD (m) and it was comforting to stay with the same platform.

   Gracie McKee, Packing Pretty's Pink Gun of Shame

Springfield does not produce any of their guns in pink. I bought it with the standard black polymer frame, the black melonite finish on the top end, a 5.5 -7.7 lb. trigger and the three dot sites.

Right after I bought it, and before I shot it, I sent my new XD(m) to Scott Springer at Springer Precision in Bend, OR to have some work done.

Scott used several layers of duracoat to paint my frame and three of my magazine floor-plates the right shade of pink. I left one of my floor-plates black and use it strictly for defensive ammunition. This keeps me from accidentally shooting my expensive bonded hollow points for recreational purposes.

In South Western,WA the days can be pretty dark and dreary. I wanted to make sure that I had some good sights that were easy to acquire and glowed night or day. Scott switched out all standard three dot sights with green tritium fiber optic sights (TFOs). They are designed with a tritium pellet that sits in behind the fiber optic (as you’re holding the gun and looking down the sights). The tritium glows in the dark without being charged by light, and can last up to about ten years. A fiber optic is then placed in front of the tritium pellet to catch any daylight, ambient light, or even the glow off the tritium. This makes for super bright sights, day or night.

What I consider to be the most important customization that was done was the combat-carry trigger job. Scott smoothed out the trigger, and lightened the reset. This made a huge difference with double-taps, failure-to-stop drills, and shooting in general. It improved both my speed and my accuracy.

I am a firm believer that I will fight like I train, which is why I did not put an extended magazine release on it, or do any of the other competitive customizations.

Overall, I spent about $1,200 on the gun and customizations. Not a bad price at all.

I have been shooting my pink XD(m) for about 4 years now for competitions, training, and concealed carry. I haven’t had a single problem with it yet. It’s got tens of thousands of rounds through it, and I am just now looking at replacing the recoil spring. This baby just keeps on running, and that’s what I love about it.