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March 8, 2012 Posted by Editor in blog

2012 MidwayUSA & NRA Bianchi Cup returns to Columbia, MO

The NRA National Action Pistol Championship, also known as the MidwayUSA & NRA Bianchi Cup, returns to Green Valley Rifle & Pistol Club outside Columbia, Missouri, from May 23-26, 2012. Read more
March 8, 2012 Posted by Editor in blog

The ORSIS T-5000 Sniper Rifle

The small arms factory, owned by the Promtechnologies Group of Russia, manufactures ultra high-precision hunting, sport and tactical rifles. Read more

M2 .50-cal. Machine Gun, Ma Deuce

Weapons enthusiasts have long referred to full-auto fire as “rock and roll,” a term that dates back to the Vietnam War at least. Well, she may be old, but nobody does rock-n-roll like Ma Deuce—the M2 HB (the HB stands for “heavy barrel”) .50-caliber heavy machine gun. Read more
March 6, 2012 Posted by Editor in blog

Israel Weapon Industries 7.62mm Caliber Light Machine Gun

Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Introduces the World’s Only 7.62mm Caliber Light Machine Gun (LMG) with Semi-Automatic Mode – The NEGEV NG7 – the Next Generation of the NEGEV Family of LMGs Read more

More SU-34 Attack Aircraft for Russia

The Russian Defense Ministry has just signed a contract for 92 Su-34 attack aircraft (designed by NATO as the “Fullback”), which will add to the ten already delivered under a five-year contract executed in 2008 for 32 units. A 4+ generation aircraft, it is capable of all-weather, all-visibility operations and has the capacity to employ precision-guided munitions. Read more
March 5, 2012 Posted by Editor in blog

5.11 Tactical Breaching System

This new type of breaching method was realized by the team from Sweden Entry Tools (S.E.T.) and allows public safety personnel to breach inward and outward opening security doors with maximum stealth and speed while minimizing exposure. Read more
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March 4, 2012 Posted by Editor in blog

Navy SEAL Watches from Luminox

It’s no secret that Navy SEALs and special operations soldiers typically have the coolest, most efficient and high-tech gear on the battlefield. For many elite operators, Luminox has become the watch of choice for those carrying out missions underwater and in darkness. Read more


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