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S.E.R.E.1 - Extrema Ratio Knives Division

Mateusz Kanigowski and the “Designed to Fight” team demonstrate the S.E.R.E.1 multipurpose knife against a standard NIJ IIIA soft ballistic panel.

Ratio Knives Division is considered to be one of the most prestigious serial knife manufacturers throughout Europe. “Extrema Ratio” is an Italian idiom meaning last resort, which explains a lot when you consider the knife they recently asked us to evaluate, codename: S.E.R.E.1.

SERE is an acronym for Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape, a program that provides U.S. military personnel, U.S. Department of Defense civilians and private military contractors with training in evading capture, survival skills and the military code of conduct. The S.E.R.E.1 multipurpose knife is designed to help make your Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape plan a success.

Looking back on history, the push dagger is thought to have originated from the Indian subcontinent, and is related in principle to the 16th-century Indian katar. Over the centuries, the push dagger has risen and fallen in popularity, yet it has always remained a respected close-combat weapon.

Extrema Ratio’s S.E.R.E.1 is an ergonomic push dagger enhanced for a set of applications that take it beyond the defensive purpose. One of our favorite features of this knife is the grip – in high-energy output actions the grip feels secure. There was no worry of the knife falling or slipping out of the hand or glove during various cutting applications. When used for self-defense, the S.E.R.E.1 is a razor sharp, close quarters battle tool with extreme penetrating capabilities.

The S.E.R.E.1 was designed in collaboration with select professionals, mainly former SOF operators, martial arts trainers and survival experts. The team’s cumulative experiences and knowledge directly contributed to the precise design and material considerations to support manufacturing.

The S.E.R.E.1 is composed of two parts – the steel full tang blade and the grip cover. The handle is made of porous polyurethane, which provides a reliable grip in gloves or with wet and dirty hands. The S.E.R.E.1 features a 115mm blade with 40mm serration, which cuts rope like butter. Also equipped with belt cutter device and glass-breaking tip under the grip, the specific slot in the middle is a screw-pin shackle wrench.

As you can see form the photos below, the S.E.R.E.1 penetrates this body armor without hesitation. It’s powerful, deadly effective, reliable, and smartly redesigned. The S.E.R.E.1 is an attractive survival and fighting tool we like a lot.

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