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SafeGuard ARMOR™ "Stealth" Bullet Proof and Stab Resistant Vest


ver wonder what it’s like to get shot in the chest while wearing a bulletproof vest? If so, then you’re just the guy for our next set of controlled tests! But until then, let’s take a quick look at the new SafeGuard ARMOR™ Level II “Stealth” bullet proof and stab resistant vest.

It’s always exciting when something expensive shows up at your door. After paying a bunch of money online for the good stuff, you’ve come to realize that the Christmas sensation of childlike happiness you get from grasping new toys and idolized gadgetry in your own clumsy paws comes around as often as you can afford it. The “Stealth” bulletproof vest with CoolMAX® carrier is that kind of good stuff. Made from 100% DuPont™ Kevlar®, this vest is comfortable, durable, confident and costs surprisingly much less than you might have thought. Nevertheless, SafeGuard ARMOR™ products tend to offer a big bang-for-the-buck, as you’ll see if you decide to adorn your tactical wardrobe with one of these beautifully crafted, fashionable lifesaving garments de tactical!

It’s here! As we opened the extremely secure cardboard safe of a box, the first impression was that the “Stealth” vest looked quite a bit different from most of the other vests we’ve reviewed. Minus those uncomfortable Velcro straps commonly found on the shoulders of most vests, the “Stealth” looked more like an armored t-shirt peppered with the same perforated holes you’d find on a football or soccer jersey. Fitted for each order, we immediately donned the new gear and impatiently proceeded to the top-secret bullet proof vest testing facility, a.k.a. tactical lab extraordinaire, a.k.a. China Lake… not really.

Available in Level IIIa and Level II, the SafeGuard ARMOR™ vest is even more unique from most due to its options for Level I and Level II stab protection, plus its Level I and Level II spike protection.

Available in Level IIIa and Level II, the SafeGuard ARMOR™ vest is even more unique from most due to its options for Level I and Level II stab protection, plus its Level I and Level II spike protection. SafeGuard ARMOR™ provides the wearer with an added level of protection from knife-fighting slashes, while the spike protection prevents from puncturing by syringes, knives and other pointed weapons of human violence.

The SafeGuard ARMOR™ Level II “Stealth” ballistic vest comes with a 5-year warranty. Plus, all SafeGuard ARMOR™ products are certified and tested in full compliance with US National Institute of Justice (NIJ) 0101.03 and 0101.04 standards. If any SafeGuard ARMOR™ products under warranty are deemed to be defective or faulty, SafeGuard ARMOR™ will replace or repair them free of charge.

So, because I sometimes sweat like a pig at a smoke shop it was important to me to find out if I could wear the “Stealth” vest all day or all night without loosing ten pounds each session. True to its name, the CoolMAX® carrier’s fabric features a moisture management system designed to be worn directly against the skin. It’s basically a moisture-wicking technology that keeps the wearer cool by pulling perspiration away from the body. Seems to work pretty well, too! We’ve worn it on some pretty hot, ninety-degree days here lately.

During our intensive “wear the shit out of it” testing process and after having subjected it to the to various elements of extreme Northwest weather, we’re relatively impressed with the SafeGuard ARMOR™ bullet proof and stab resistant vest. However, if we could improve just one thing, it would be to offer a v-neck option, too. The crew neck sometimes gets a bit tight on the big guys.

Now, who wants to see us shoot and cut this finely engineered and manufactured SafeGuard ARMOR™ level II “Stealth” bullet proof vest? Or, maybe you want to win it and shoot it for us? Leave your comments!

Okay, so go online and get yourself a vest! But, don’t try any of this shooting and stabbing each other testing stuff we do here at the lab without first getting the proper training and experience to do it safely. It’s all fun and game until someone gets an eye poked out!

Please take a moment to learn more about SafeGuard ARMOR™ products by visiting their website at

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