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Sexy Like a Penthouse Pet, Danner’s Melee MultiCam® Military Boots Have All The Right Curves

Getting up-close and personal with the 8” Melee MultiCam® Military Boot from Danner.

Earlier this week, EAGLElement posted a picture of the Melee 8″ MultiCam® Military Boots on our Facebook page. A fan wrote, “If sex with a Penthouse Pet was a shoe, that would be it.” Well put, Sir! This is a boot though, a combat boot. More specifically, this is Danner’s lightest and most flexible tactical boot. Think quick, hard-hitting mission sets. However, we’ll keep that thought in mind as we take a closer look.

Out of the box, the Danner Melee boot is light. Danner provided a size 14, and these bad boys weight in at 3lbs, 4oz. You heard me. I said the combined weight of these size 14, 8” combat boots is just over three-pounds! Danner achieves this by using 1000 Denier nylon and a polyurethane footbed. The 360? Vibram outsole features a pentagonal low lug pattern accompanied with an abrasion resistant toe and heel cap. Another design feature of the Melee, one I’m really looking forward to testing, is the patent-pending VIA technology. This V-4 abrasion resistant rubber compound provides for better control in the medial side-arch during fast rope operations…we’ll see!

The Melee boot has a low profile, in other words, they aren’t bulky. I’m 6’5” and 220lbs; for me, and others like me, this is a welcome design feature in a combat boot. It’s very frustrating trying to quickly get in or out of confined spaces such as helicopters and vehicle compartments with big ass clogs on your feet, not to mention walking around all day in them. Melee’s material transitions are smooth, and all eyelets are standard alleviating possible snag points – AIRBORNE approved!

Danner says the boot is breathable and has a moisture-wicking lining with a water-resistant exterior protective coating. From my experience and unless you’re working in continual extreme cold weather environments, these are good qualities. Rule one; keep your feet dry and as comfortable as possible. Some materials like GORE-TEX® have the tendency to trap moisture and create excessive heat. I’m not saying GORE-TEX® is the devil… well, maybe a little one. With this said, GORE-TEX® has its place, but it just doesn’t fit the purpose and is not really necessary for this particular boot.

No drama in sizing, the Melee’s initial fit is spot on. I notice an open toe box and semi-open heel port, with a gentle top slope. The material feels stiff, yet forgiving where it needs to be, especially around the ankle area. The top is also pliable, but snug when laced. The interior feels smooth but not so much my sock wants to creep. The laces are plentiful, and the top of the tongue features a tuck-tab. This allows the laces to be stowed outside the boot, rather than stuffed inside. Now, it’s time to get these Penthouse Pets dirty!

EAGLElement will continue long-term fit and wear tests into the spring, so expect full report mid 2013.

About Danner

A Danner boot is a mark of unsacrificing quality. It’s been that way since 1932, the year Charles Danner decided to open his boot making business in the midst of the Great Depression and risk his future on a stubborn belief that superior craftsmanship mattered. Rooted in the Pacific Northwest with our headquarters and Danner factory located along the Columbia river in Portland, Oregon, we strive each day to uphold ourselves to the highest standards, knowing that the product we build is no better than the hands that create it.

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