Couples Range Games & Dry Fire Drills Giving a Whole New Meaning to Pew & Chill.

Are you in a relationship with a die-hard shooter that competes or just likes to go to the range for fun? You answer, yes? Then you probably know that not only is training high on their priority list, but it can even cut into date nights & quality time. Or are you now feeling a little guilty because it’s YOU that is living at the range? Whether you were the first or the latter of the two, you just found a solution that will strengthen your relationship AND give you more range time. Here are ideas for a game at the range and 10 dry fire drills giving a whole new meaning to Pew & Chill. Everybody Wins!!

Range Day Game

Setting the Stakes

This game is PERFECT for any level of shooter. The choice of weapon, target size and distance is yours, but choose wisely if you are trying to impress… First things first!! Decide when and where then put together your range bag with a pack of different color/number targets and a score card – If you don’t have the time or patience, or want them customized you can buy it HERE and get them delivered in a few days.

Once you arrive or before you get there, wager what each of you are playing for in a numbered list… A meal, a movie night, a new pair of shoes, or something a little more intimate… Use different colors for each person’s targets. Number your targets based on your wager list and win per most hits in a specific number. You can also number targets and add up your scores based on hits. Regardless of how you decide to play… get in that trigger time at the range and finish off your date by getting your rewards!! This is DEFINITELY a date night that you will never forget!

Bad weather? Crowded shooting range? Don’t feel like leaving the house? Try the dry fire drills below. Perfect way to learn, grow and have an amazing time with your sweetheart.

Date Night In

Dry Fire Drills

Before we proceed, with this portion – let me be clear – These are DRY-FIRE DRILLS!! Be smart, your weapon is your responsibility. Familiarize yourself with your weapon and ensure to do the same for your partner BEFORE trying the DRY-FIRE drills below. Now that we got that out of the way, you can perform the dry fire drills in and around the house or wherever you want to set it up. Using different color stickie-notes or mini targets that you make from index cards, number different targets on different colors to use throughout the dry fire drills. Like seen on the left.

To spice things up: You can wager your stakes (dessert, a massage… you get the idea) and keep score based on time – Cell Phone Timer Works.

1. Sit, Draw, Engage

You choose the setting: car, back-porch, couch, bed. Take turns presenting from your holster and engaging various targets throughout the room (car, etc.). Maintain proper muzzle/trigger control and follow through back to re-holster.

2. Cover Me!

Set up 2 targets on the far side of a large room or hallway and place a chair or something else to act as cover 10ft. from the targets. Start at the other end of the room and sprint to the cover. Engage your targets, one shot each, and re-holster.

3. The Switch

Hang up 4 numbered targets on the wall. Have your partner call out a target number and a firing position (stand, sit, kneel, prone). Once called out, present, engage target, and re-holster. Increase pressure by timing.

4. You’ve Got My Support

Hang up various targets throughout the room. Using your support hand ONLY, draw your pistol, acquire a sight picture, and engage target. If drawing from the holster is too difficult initially, start with your pistol gripped in your support hand.

5. Pockets Full of Mags

Hang up one target on a wall across the room. Put a magazine in your pocket. Starting to the left of the target, draw, acquire sight, and engage the target 4 times. Moving laterally to the right, complete an emergency reload using the spare magazine in your pocket. Engage target 4 more times and re-holster.

6. A Walk on the Dark Side

Leave the room and have your partner hang 4 targets around the room. Now turn off the lights and clear the room. Enter the room with your weapon drawn and your tac-light on. Find and engage each target once. Switch and move targets around the room.

7. Sh*t Goes Wrong

Only one target needed on this one. Dim the lights or turn off Draw from the holster, engage your tac-light, and acquire a sight on your target. Simulate a failure to fire. Turn off your light, tap it, rack it, turn your light back on and reacquire your sight picture.

8. Don’t Be Left in the Dark

Just like the Switch, hang up 4 numbered targets on the wall. Have your partner call out a target number but instead of a firing position, turn the lights off. Once called out, present from the holster, turn tac-light on, engage target, and re-holster. Increase pressure by timing.

9. Let’s Get Physical

In an open space, living room or outdoors, set up 4 targets, numbered 1-4 and 4 cones in a square (you can use books or something similar if you don’t have cones). Move around the outside of the square and engage all 4 targets while moving and keeping muzzle/trigger control throughout the movement.

10. Reload Under Pressure

Using a timer, take turns completing 10 primary hand reloads and then 10 support hand reloads. Practice stripping the magazine from the pistol while ensuring the barrel stays pointed downrange.

So which date night did you choose? A hot date at the range? A cozy evening at home? If you went to the range, did you modify the game? Have other dry fire drills you want to share? Please share with us and tag us in your date night photos!

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