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SLIK Follow-Up

SLIK, the revolutionary product line from AEARMOR is changing the way we use equipment from tools to firearms!

AIMBOT.EXE, the San Antonio based company, presented us with their line of products under SLIK and after running our own tests, we saw firsthand how these products raise the bar on performance higher than anything else on the market today. Rustproofing, lubricating, cleaning and preserving, nothing else comes close after seeing the limits of other products, but what are the limits of SLIK exactly?

The people behind AIMBOT.EXE are continuously looking for ways to push the limits of their product. This time, SLIK Lubricant’s longevity is being put to the test. Usually one would need to reapply lubricants or oils on firearms after a few hundred rounds due to their nature of drying out so going weeks without having to reapply some kind of lubricant with regular use is unheard of. However SLIK’s creator put several firearms through an ongoing test where nothing gets cleaned or relubricated after initial application for months.

"…3,000 rounds without failures and has not been cleaned or lubricated since November of 2014"

The AR-15 above has shot 3,000 rounds without failures and has not been cleaned or lubricated since November of 2014. Normally, any lubricant or oil dries up after a few days on any surface even without use but to our surprise, the lubricant was still visibly present on the AR. That’s almost a year with just one application and no cleaning.

"…4,000 rounds without failure…"

The VP9, H&K, and Beretta 92FS are undergoing the same testing criteria. Each handgun has fired nearly 4,000 rounds without failure and have not been cleaned or lubricated since February of 2015. Like the AR, the inner mechanisms of each weapon was checked and the lubricant was still visibly present.

From the battlefield to our backyards, the nature of this product changes the way we use our tools and weapons. Nothing else comes close. Weapons jamming will soon become a thing of the past. Imagine our troops fighting a long winded battle where they cannot afford to take apart their rifles for maintenance or any setting where your tools will determine how long you stay alive, SLIK makes enough of an impact on equipment that will make a difference to our survival in or out of battle. These products already stands leagues above the rest but there’s more to it than just performance.

Advertising SLIK as all natural and non-toxic isn’t just for show. AIMBOT.EXE had submitted their products for testing with the USDA through an independent lab using stringent protocols to verify its contents. SLIK was presented with the USDA’s seal for certified biobased products. In other words, SLIK is a product that has been tested to be safe to us and the environment. To our understanding, their score for purity is among the highest of its kind. These products were made to be used on all kinds of equipment including knives, hunting gear, and even cookware. Since SLIK doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, we won’t have to worry about ingesting toxic residue when cutting up food out in the field. SLIK can be found listed on USDA’s site for biobased products.

If you haven’t tried SLIK yet, we highly recommend giving this product a shot. Check out their website here and Facebook here. All products under SLIK can be ordered through AEARMOR.COM.

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