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The new hybrid holster design from Stealth Gear USA is a promising offering for the IWB holster concealed pistol carrier who wants to keep their gun and skin cool and dry.

I’ve recently started working for an employer who has given me the “privilege” to conceal carry at work. The only setback is that it’s always a nice 80+ degrees F and it’s honest back breaking labor. So the results are my leather holsters are capturing all the heat and moisture from my 8 hour sweat-a-thon and my kydex ones are rubbing me raw. So when I heard about Stealth Gear USA offering a breathable mesh hybrid holster that would keep me AND my gun dry, I had to inquire.

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The company offers two styles of holsters. The first is a standard strong side two clip IWB named the ONYX. Similar in overall design to many other offerings on the market by Crossbreed, Comp-Tac, amd Alien Gear. The second design is a less bulky single clip design that is recommended for Appendix IWB carry.

Stealth Gear has a website that has a wealth of information about their process, materials, and design. Although a small company, its ownership has laid all their cards on the table about what makes Stealth Gear special which is refreshing to see. Here are some links about their process, materials, and design Stealth Gear USA About Us and their FAQ.

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